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    yes another vick thread

    i havent been here to post on the probowl, but when vick had legiate WR to play with him did you not see the accuarcy. For all those who said that vick cant throw, look at the pro bowl game, vick is not overrated.

    KINGBRICE_28 New Member

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    I'd say his accuracy will improve over time.......Heck madden has him at a 99 in 2006


    If it's on madden it must be true........
  3. k19

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    So what your saying is he can through a decent ball when the game means nothing?????? He throws a decent ball when D's cant blitz or stunt????? Nothing, thats what I gather from anything done during the probowl
  4. trickblue

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    nope... didn't see it dargon... that is not to say it won't come in time... it does take time...

    I can't say that Vick is over-rated at this point... but I can certainly say he is over-hyped...

    Give him some time and we will see...
  5. 2233boys

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    Vick is over hyped and over rated really no difference, he didn't belong in the Pro Bowl thats for sure, and to say a Guy is good, because he does well in a Pro Bowl game (that he didn't even deserve to go to) when the D's are held back makes me want to bang my head off the wall :banghead:
  6. Fletch

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    Exactly! Vick is the MOST overrated, overly hyped player I have ever seen. Yes he is a tremendous athlete, but an all around, complete QB he IS NOT.

    He can run. And he has a very strong arm. But unless you have the moxy, the touch, and can read a defense, then you are just another talent with nothing to show for.
  7. dbair1967

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    open your eyes man...they dont play defense in the probowl

  8. Chicago

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    But how do you explain the fact that Atlanta went to the playoffs 2 years ago then totally collapsed and after his comeback reached the CCG in Philly.

    This guy is fun to watch. Even the great Steve Young needed some time to learn the West Coast offense. Surround him with better receivers and let´s see what he´ll do.
  9. joseephuss

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    I agree. He needs time to learn the game. He will get better with more experience and some better players around him. However, with his salary the Falcons may not be able to get a lot of talent around him. Overhyped? Definately. The media have propped him up. The NFL and the Falcons love it. It sells tickets and merchandise. I don't know if his passing will improve to the point where it makes him a big passing threat, but the guy does a lot to help his team win games. I would take him over the many scrubs Dallas has had the last few years.

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