Vick's party may be last straw in Philly

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Gryphon, Jun 28, 2010.

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    06:16 AM ET 06.27 | Michael Vick has always known he was on thin ice with the Eagles. How could he be on any other terms considering his past history. So when Vick's public birthday party ended with someone being shot -- one of his co-defendants in the dogfighting trial, no less -- it certainly spelled the beginning of the end for Vick's time with the Philadelphia Eagles. First, the Eagles took a chance on Vick and counted on him to act up to a higher standard. Second, Andy Reid is a no nonsense coach, the Eagles have a no nonsense front office and no nonsense ownership: This group doesn't just want to minimize distractions, they want to eliminate them. Now, Vick is a distraction once again, and chances are he will leave.
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    I think perhaps his IQ and his 40 time are identical.
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    I'm no Vick fan, but from what I understand the guy who was shot was an uninvited guest who was asked to leave. He was a former Vick crony, but one Vick did not invite or intend to be at the party. The guy initiated everything and there is no indication that Vick did anything wrong himself.
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    Are they?
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    so showing up to a party uninvited is grounds to get shot?.......bummer
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    No it isn't but Vick didn't shoot him, he had gone home. Whats he got to do with it?
  7. JustDezIt

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    I also heard that he threw cake in vick's face, not sayin its a reason to get shot but it is more then just showing up uninvited.
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    I think the issue is going to be why would you even have the party in such an environment, it is just a very bad choice especially considering it is Michael Vick
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    Now THERE's a completely asinine leap of logic.

    Unless you have some evidence that nobody else has that indicates Vick had some involvement in shooting the guy as a reaction to him crashing the party, then your statement makes no sense at all.
  10. Stautner

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    This could come into play, or maybe not. It could be that the environement was a normally pretty safe one and that the only issue was the idiot who tried to crash the party.
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    Does he really have to have a birthday party at all? He's freakin 30 years old, get past the birthday parties already.
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    Ah no!

    Vick’s party was advertized on local radio and was open to anyone that wanted to attend. You had to pay an admission fee and the dress code was no sneaks, boots or sweats (well that left out Plax :lmao:). Why would he not celebrate with a closed party attended by friends and family only?

    It was stupid to have open party that any criminal element could attend when you are on a prohibited probation. Just stupid!
  13. HanD

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    vick's past and circumstances with his employer would leave him as not the normal person. so an environment that is normally pretty safe for most people is not necessarily the best thing for Mr. Vick. People in his and pacman's shoes need to be extra careful. having said all that, i don't know that he did anything wrong or didn't take the proper precautions ahead of time but some knucklehead made it unavoidable. maybe a dinner at home with friends and family would have been the best for everyone...

    okay if what is said is true about it being advertised on the radio and an open was beyond stupid and reckless of him...
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    Tell that to T.O.
  15. AbeBeta

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    umm, anyone could buy a ticket to the party. That's not "uninvited" - you sell tickets you deal with who shows up. You aren't allowed to associate with certain people so you don't put yourself in those situations.
  16. Cover 2

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    I wonder if this was because of his money troubles.
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    its just poor judgement on Vicks part. His original intentions might not to be for anything to go wrong (just like Pacman the night he was at the bar in Dallas)....but when the league is giving u a second change....u cant operate like before. Its means not throwing public parties anymore, not hanging out in bars, and having low visability. I confounded how trouble just seems to follow certain people.
  18. cowboyjoe

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    Vick's ban on associating with felons goes beyond six months per PFT
    Posted by Mike Florio on June 28, 2010 9:30 PM ET
    Earlier on Monday we posted an item on the beliefs of BET producer Ahmadu Gabra, whose Holiday Inn Express dabblings in the law caused him to conclude that Eagles quarterback Mike Vick was required to avoid his former partners in Bad Newz Kennels for only six months after being released from jail.

    That was news to us, so we tracked down the official order containing the terms of Vick's probation, which technically is known as "supervised release." At item 10 in the list of conditions of the supervision, the order states that Vick "shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activity and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony, unless granted permission by the probation officer to do so."

    Thus, unless his probation officer gave Vick blanket permission to associate with his former partners in Bad Newz Kennels, all of whom are convicted felons, any such association violates the terms of his probation.

    And since Gabra apparently has been serving as an informal fixer/consigliere for Vick's entourage, Vick possibly relied at some point after the six-month anniversary of his release on Gabra's apparently mistaken views regarding the terms of the probation.

    That's why we've been saying that the shooting at Vick's open-to-the-public birthday party operates like an IRS audit. Once the feds and/or the NFL start poking around in connection with whether Vick was "associating" with convicted felon Quanis Phillips on the evening in question, they may trip over something else, such as Vick's possible association with Phillips and/or other felons arising from the flawed reasoning of a television producer who may know just enough about the law to get Vick thrown back in jail.
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    ...except have a public party where anyone could show up and putting the NFL in a negative light, yet again. It's 2 am, a thug (who is a "former" associate) gets shot, vick's in trouble. No way out of it.

    I really find it hard to believe that his partner-in-crime showed up uninvited. Even if he really did show up uninvited, Vick was a fool for putting himself in a position where such an event could occur. Poor, poor judgement on his part.
  20. davidyee

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    Is it true that Vick allowed/consented to tickets being sold to the public for his birthday party?

    If true, then he did leave himself open to a guy like Phillips showing up. He may not have engaged in criminal activity himself, but he did engage in stupid behavior.

    Unless I have been living under a stump, Commissioner Gordon, has been throwing convicted players in NFL jail for stupidity lately.

    Open invite on radio equals stupid Vick equals back to NFL jail.

    If you read the script given to Ben Roethlisberger or any other player who has been suspended you don't need to be involved in criminal activity. Any behavior threatening the NFL's reputation is enough to have the commish's hammer fall on your head.

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