Victor Butler tears ACL in Mini Camp

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Nation, Jun 12, 2013.

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    @RapSheet Unreal. #Saints pass-rusher Victor Butler, a key FA signing and presumptive starter, tore his ACL, source said (as @LarryHolder reported)
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    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 1m
    Unreal. #Saints pass-rusher Victor Butler, a key FA signing and presumptive starter, tore his ACL, source said (as @LarryHolder reported)

    Some coaches don't comment on injuries until later. Why? Payton yesterday on Butler: “I think he is going to be fine." Today? Torn ACL
  3. trueblue1687

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    That's tough. Hate to see him have that...he deserved a shot at a starting gig.
  4. panchucko

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    What a bummer, feel bad for him.
  5. dmq

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    Sad, but I wasn't expecting him to show much with the Saints.
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    Wow, really?

    Sorry Saints, your defense is going to stink this year.
  7. chip_gilkey

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    I was a little perplexed by that as well. I mean dude was great in spot duty. Coming off the bench for the occasional pass rushing attempt was his niche but I can't imagine him being an every down player. Teams would've just ran all over him.
  8. GloryDaysRBack

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    Lolol. My exact thoughts.

    To a T
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    If Victor Butler was a "KEY" FA signing for the Saints then I would suggest they really didnt do much this off season.

    Yes I am sorry to see him injured. Just thought the wording was a little humorous.
  10. erod

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    Tough break for him. Glad he's gone because that dude was a speed bump against the run.
  11. InmanRoshi

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    New Orleans' robust psychic and voodoo community is better equipped to handle Rob Ryan's bad injury juju.
  12. cowboyschmps3

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    Damn had really wished this guy could ball for them but wish him the best in his recovery.
  13. Nation

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    Butler had 11 career sacks and 4 forced fumbles in 803 career snaps. The average 3-4 OLB plays close to a 1,000. He's a liability as a run defender, but edge rushing is a valuable commodity and he has some rush speed.
  14. MonsterD

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    Have no idea why he never improved as a run defender but looks like the Saints were willing to try work on that. Too bad that stinks for them he might have been good.
  15. Idgit

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    Woah. I was going to make almost this exact post. Not all that unusual on a MB, but, when the post has the words 'voodoo' and 'juju' and 'Rob Ryan,' it's pretty unlikely.
  16. Ntegrase96

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    They were really excited about him on the Saints board. Shame to see him not get a shot.

    Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  17. hsfolk

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    guess Martez Wilson will be starting at OLB with Junior Galette
  18. Seven

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  19. Sasquatch

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    I've always liked Butler but have to agree with you that "key FA acquisition" is a bit of hyperbole.
  20. newlander

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    ....gimme a BREAK....however, I feel horrible for him:(

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