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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. LatinMind

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    i havent put out anything in a little bit. mostly do cowboys wallpapers but i cant bring myself to make anything cowboys right now lol.

    so i been focusing my spare time on something else which is vida. MMMM vida. dont worry about work or children is wallpaper is SFW.

    enjoy, and Go Vida!
  2. Rampage

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    I didn't know she wears pants
  3. Achozen

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    She looks average with her clothes on...
  4. diehard2294

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    lighting is nice/bg as well ,would look better with a small simple font as opposed to the big IMO still solid

    sir mix alot comes to mind to;)
  5. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    :mad: me either

    i almost concur
  6. Yeagermeister

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    Nice work as usual LM but having a great subject always helps. :D

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