VIDEO: 50 Greatest Football Plays

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by TEK2000, Nov 14, 2006.

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    This is a show that was on Fox Sports called:

    50 Best Damn Spectacular football plays

    Unforunately, I didn't start recording it until after the first 10 plays were over... although, it does go thru a quick review of all 50 plays at the end of the video so you'll be able to see all 50 plays.

    Some of the plays in the video are just AMAZING! It has footage from high school, college, and pros.

    The video is 33 minutes long and 271 MB in size.
    DIVX format
    Here's the download link:

    (enter the 3 letter code toward the top right of the page and wait for the timer for your download)

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    Thanks Tek, is it just offense or is it all 3 aspects of football (def., Off., Spec Teams)?
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    Its any phase of football.. offense, defense, special teams. I believe that 1 play on the show is Lavar Arrington flying over the entire offensive line to make a big stop during a game while he was playing at Penn State.

    Most of them are offensive plays though.

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