Video: Video/Audio: Brooking and Ball both screwd up folks

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dcfanatic, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Brooking and Ball - They both messed up folks!

    Today at Wade's presser we heard him talking about the big TD given up early in the game...


    Talked a few people. Brooking screwed up the coverage. He was supposed to cover the TE to his side man to man while Bradie James was blitzing. This is why you see Brooking trying to slide back into the passing lane and knock down the quick pass from Cutler to Olsen.

    And you see both Wade and Campo getting on Alan Ball because he's got a chance to tackle Olsen and he just whiffs at about the ten yard line.

    I think the worst thing about this play is that after this it seemed like the Cowboys were afraid to go after Cutler anymore. This afternoon I heard Ian Fitzsimmons mentioning that he spoke to some Bears assistant coaches...

    Ian talks with Bears assistant coaches

    You can't stop making Cutler make touch decisions. That kid will make the wrong decision half the time and he will throw some balls up for grabs. This defense has to step up their game big time because the Texans have a very good offense.
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    Update: Here's Bradie James giving us the break down on this play tonight. He was on with Ben and Skin on the The Bradie James Gang show on 103.3 ESPN...

    Bradie on the Olsen TD pass

    There was a lot of miscommunication from the defense in that game. Gerald Sensabaugh also mentioned that guys were not on the same page in the secondary at time too.

    Defense! Clean it up fellas!
  3. Idgit

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    29,764 Likes Received was an execution problem? Who knew? I was leaning toward either 'defensive playcalling' or 'Wade's a good DC, but clueless as a HC.'
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    Haven't you heard? That was Romo's fault.
  5. TheCoolFan

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    More miscommunication on defense. Should not be happening for a defense returning 10 starters
  6. CaptainAmerica

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    Great coaches have teams that execute. Average to poor coaches do not.

    The fact our players didn't execute the call doesn't absolve the coaches of responsibility.
  7. 28 Joker

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    That was well stated.

    This team is a mess.

    No leadership and no accountability...

    No fire from the head coach...

    No consistent, fundamental offensive philosophy from the offensive coordinator who has a Texas Tech mentality...

    Watching Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett waste 12-4 talent is getting old and frustrating.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    Especially when most of them have been in the same system for 3 years now.
  9. JBell523

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    Two non-obvious things that really irked me about the D on Sunday.

    1) Why was Mike Hamlin matched up with Forte at the goalline? Forte runs routes like a receiver, and we should have at least had Ball out there if we had to trot out a safety. Bears got the match-up they wanted.

    2) Jenkins pass deflection at the goalline. Cutler lobbed a pass in the area of three Cowboys defenders, and it looked like Jenkins could have easily picked it off yet he just batted it down. And we wonder why this defense doesn't force turnovers.
  10. DaBoys4Life

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    If our veterans are going to make this many mistakes can we just play the young guys and have them getting experience. I'd like to see AoA at safety and some Williams or Lee at LB. If we're going to play stupid and make a lot of mistake I'd rather the young guys make the mistakes and learn from it. Not 13 year veterans that are "defensive leaders" Brookings is a joke.
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    This is what I was saying about how poor the offense looked but it was just pre season vanilla excuse.
  12. theogt

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    Ball is terrible. He won't be starting next season.
  13. EPL0c0

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    Sounds like Bradie James is saying that if the D gives up one big play, Wade panics and goes conservative ...strange.
  14. dcfanatic

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    He learned from the best.

    I knew he stunk when he kept telling everyone how he learned so much fro Ken Hamlin.

    That position needs a serious upgrade.
  15. Zman5

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    You sure that wasn't Ware's fault. I heard he's overrated.
  16. DaBoys4Life

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    I'm so glad we drafted a safety this year....oppss.
  17. Hoofbite

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    "Because I'm the teacher"
  18. landryscorner

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    No Romo's fault was overthrowing receivers and low throwing all game long....were talking defense here.
  19. Seven

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    I doubt the coaches were yelling at Ball for a 'whiiffed' tackle. The damage was done at that point. More like biting hard and having ZERO depth support. Z.E.R.O.
  20. 7footer

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    I hear you on #1...There was no way Hamlin should've been covering Forte. He did a horrible job of even attempting to cover him also, as if he gave up.

    For #2, Jenkins was behind the receiver on that play, and was in a very difficult position to try to make the INT. He got his hands up and over the receivers back to swat down the pass, and that was a pretty good effort in my book. If he went for the pick he probably wouldn't have been able to grab it, and the receiver may have been able to make the play. Jenkins is one player on our defense I don't worry about trying to force turnovers...When he's able to, he always goes after them.

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