Video: Video: Broaddus Talks Draft and Toughness on GAC

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Thanks Joe.
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    Great listen, I agree with everything Broaddus said. Whether you want to admit it or not our team is mentally weak and that is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, differences between us and the Giants.
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    Broaddus said on draft that cowboys should go after defensive players, period. Bryan B. likes DeCastro but they need pass rushers, cover men, possibly inside linebacker to. Said they may go after Dre CB if there, but not Jenkins due to his questionable suspensions and drug issues or whatever. Bryan said that from his sources he got and a guy on gac said their sources said they would go after jenkins with his troubled history, that the cowboys inside the organization said they wouldnt go there. Plus jenkins is small at cb, 5-9 i think and cowboys have to get bigger at cb.

    Also that pass rushers cowboys need, and coples would probably be gone top 10, and maybe upshaw if there, and gac said maybe brockers de from LSU, and bryan said yes to maybe brockers. Just passing along what bryan and gac said.

    Finally bryan said if cowboys went totally defense in draft wouldnt hurt, they have to get players on defense that can make plays, are mean and tough and can finish like in earlier podcast, that the cowboys have to finish and be mean. Thats all i remember, but couldnt upload the podcast on draft needs.
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    yw buddy :)
  6. TheFinisher

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    Thanks Joe. I'm on board with that, we need some tough SOBs on defense.
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    What about Devon Still?
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    Bryan did not mention him, basically said Dre CB, Coples, Brockers and Upshaw, and if those players on defense are gone maybe Decastro at OG.

    Bryan also said what he saw on film of Ingram, that he wouldnt work for our defense, something like that.

    The LSU CB, will be long gone like Peterson was before we pick is what I have heard.

    He said Jenkins the smaller cb had to many issues, suspensions, drugs etc and from cowboys front office, and gac staff said same thing that from inside cowboys organization they werent in favor of jenkins cb while being to small too.
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    I have often said most good defensive teams always make the hit on a guy because they can. When 2 guys are taking down a runner that 3rd and 4th guy get in on it, always. The 'Boys don't do that, just goes to toughness to me.
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    I agree that Dallas needs to get tougher players and tougher altogether. Generally, the toughest men on a football field are the ones closest to the line of scrimmage. The Cowboys biggest needs happen to be at positions where the toughest men happen to be.......Center (who touches the ball every offensive play) both Guard spots and along the defensive line (DE and NT....I happen to think Rat is a heck of a player but Dallas needs a big bodied NT in the 330-350lbs range and then DE will be fine with Rat at that spot).

    If Jerry addresses those needs with studs then this team's toughness will raise through the roof. Dallas has all the "skill"/finesse players they need save for two more CB's.........get the trenches tougher and this team will be vastly improved.
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    The Cowboys might not draft Janoris Jenkins, but he is the most accomplished, best CB in this draft. Is there another CB in the draft who has gone head to head with A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Alshon Jeffery and dominated them? I don't think so. Jenkins is pretty much 5-10 (5-9 7/8). He plays much bigger, and Jenkins can man the slot and go head to head with the best receiver in the NFC East (Victor Cruz).

    As far as Kirkpatrick goes, K.C. Joyner wasn't impressed with him at all. I think the Alabama brand is really helping Upshaw and Kirkpatrick. The buyer better watch out. You keep hearing about them, but when they played, Trent Richardson and Dont'a Hightower stood out the most. Richardson was clearly their best player. He was the best player in the SEC.

    I agree with Wes Bunting on Courtney Upshaw. He's a pure power player. Ingram has more pass rush moves and has more versatility, and he has a very good burst to his game. Ingram has that short area burst of quickness to his game. I'm sure the Steelers love Upshaw, but I'm tired of slow, power players on defense, especially on an artificial surface. I'm sure the Eagles and Giants hope the Cowboys keep drafting big, slow players on defense.

    I don't think DeCastro is a must pick at 14, because I see two other guards that I would rather have, anyway. (Glenn and Osemele).

    By the way, Bryan Broaddus, your sudden flip-flop on Felix Jones has been very disappointing and really extreme. Although, obviously, it isn't the first time that you have changed your position (on Felix Jones) from one extreme to the other. We saw that early in the season when you defended Jones' play. I thought you were better than that. I thought you had changed some. Your work (in regards to Felix Jones) has proven, during the course of the year, to be extremely biased and very suspect. Again, it sure isn't the first time. You really can't be trusted. I will not be fooled again.

    I know that you work for ESPNDallas, and you sure appear to be toeing that "company line" in regards to the RB position. I expect garbage from a Calvin Watkins, but I thought you had finally stood up and stood for fairness and objectivity. I thought you showed an ethical backbone when you stood up to the "establishment" (in regards to Felix Jones). However, in regards to the analysis of the running back position, you are no better than Calvin Watkins, Tim MacMahon, the rest of ESPNDallas, ESPN Dallas radio, the DMN, ect... Again, you had a chance to stand up for objectivity, fairness, and ethics, but you failed. You let Felix Jones down. You have to live with it, not me.
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    Love the idea of all defense in the draft, maybe toss in an olineman as well.

    No more nice guys either...this team needs a little attitude.
  13. realtick

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    So apparently Broaduss' opinion has to jive with yours or else he's not displaying proper "objectivity, fairness, and ethics."

    Got it.

    Even better..."You let Felix Jones down."

    You gotta be kidding me? I think I just found my new signature.

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    It's interesting, Dallas really doesn't have that personality on Defense that you see with Baltimore or whatever. You would never see a player throw a burial Wreath into a locker room today, the way Harvey Martin did with the Skinz. I mean, I realize it's a different game but that is just not present anymore and I suspect that it's because nobody wants to be the guy caught on ESPN or all over Cable News. I understand that fear. However, I will tell you that I think Carter might be that guy down the road. The guy who brings a physical attitude to this team.

    As far as players, I do tend agree with Broaddus on what the Cowboys should do. I am for a big CB although, I am also not in love with Kirkpatrick and Upshaw either. I think Kirkpatrick has a tendency to get high on his tackles and he doesn't transition from his backpeddle well. I think he has some issues there. He's not very sudden on film. Upshaw, well, I also agree that he tries to overpower everybody and at the Collegiate level, it works but in the NFL, it won't. He may develop past this but he may not. IDK.
  15. burmafrd

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    Broaddus has become more of a shill. The fact that he ignores the O line shows that.
  16. JonJon

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    I'm going to tell you right now, if you guys are looking for a shutdown CB, Kirkpatrick is not the guy. He is going to give up some plays in the NFL. He will do great in zone coverage and stopping the run with some big hits, but if he is matched up with a speedy, agile WR, watch out.
  17. Idgit

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    You know what this thread needs? More Felix Jones talk. :)
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    I agree with this, everyone looks at his size and sees that websites have him high. Poeple need to watch him play. He is to slow to be a shut down CB. Ryan's 3-4 defense asked for physical smart fast CBs. That doesn't mean they have to be tall.
    Jenkins,Boykins, Hosley, and Johnson are guys that fit more to what Ryan needs than Kirkpatrick does.

    Gilmore and Minnifield are close, I need to see both do drills at the combine. Both look alittle stiff in the hips.

    We need Cbs that have fluid quick hips that can stay with Cruz, Jackson, and Nicks.
  19. Chuck 54

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    I don't get the whole mentally weak, leaderless excuses we've been hearing in recent years. We spent 2-3 years in a row drafting guys who were considered team leaders in college and a bunch of team captains. Even when we got to the later rounds and free agency, it seems we were loading up on team captains from college.

    Could all this mentally weak, leaderless talk just be a synonym or easy answer for "not being very good" or "not being coached very well" ?

    Considering teams that have been losing for some time now, comparable to the Cowboys, who missed the playoffs, how many could also easily be called mentally weak and without great leaders? How many losing teams would you say are mentally strong and set with good leadership?

    It's easy to put labels on everything...bottom line, if you don't win, you have a combination of players who are not as good as you think they are and/or coaching that isn't as great as you thought it was.
  20. realtick

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    I absolutely agree with your sentiments about this team needing an edge. You watch the 49ers or Ravens defense and it looks like a bunch of guys who generally like to hurt people. When I watch the Cowboys the past few seasons it seems as if it's a bunch of guys who come together one day out of the week to play football.

    I disagree about Carter, if you're speaking of Bruce Carter. He's not an overy physical player, in fact, having read down on your comments I saw your critique of Kirkpatrick tackling "too high," that's exactly what Carter struggles with. He's a grab and swing-you-down guy. He missed a lot of tackles at N. Carolina because he runs by and reaches out instead of dropping the helmet/shoulder and making solid contact.

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