Video captured by passengers shows final moments of emergency landing... w/vid

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    By Brett Michael Dykes
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    By Brett Michael Dykes – Mon Sep 27, 11:56 am ET

    If you've ever flown, you've probably pondered, at least for a moment, how you might react in the event of an emergency landing -- and, more specifically, how the fear of an imminent crash would affect you. Now passengers from Delta Flight 4951 have supplied dramatic video footage of just that real-life scenario.

    Two passengers flying from Atlanta to White Plains, N.Y., used their cell phones Saturday night to record the jet's emergency landing at New York's JFK International Airport after part of its landing gear became stuck and didn't drop.


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    Good idea that they went to JFK. Much more room than White Plains airport, should that not have gone as smoothly.

    That being said, I love the little White Plains airport. It > JFK and LGA by a longshot. :D
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    Not very impressive video. Sparks and a stewardess yelling "stay down" 12 times.
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    Yeah I agree, it was pretty lame for me sitting in the comfort of my office chair in front of my computer as well.
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    I guess if it was your phone and you were showing someone it would be exiting, as it is, pretty boring video.

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