Video: Courtney Upshaw and domestic violence not a good mix

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 16, 2012.

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    can't open the video here at work, but if its the incident where he slapped his girlfriend, that's pretty much a non issue. the girls dad has stepped up to defend him, he's still with the girl, and there have been no other issues.
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    any time a man hits a woman its an issue unless she is working him over. That was not the case there.
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    So as long as you have her father's consent you can beat the hell out of your girlfriend?
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    The irony in this thread is over whelming.
  6. TheDallasDon

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    Thanks Random Guy..........if you say its a non-issue, its gotta be
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    amazing isnt it. We cry foul for a guy smoking a doob to be taken off the board but want wife beaters on the team......go figure

    In todays Goodell led NFL this kind of behaviour is just as likely to earn a suspension.
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    so now everyone is holier than thou. relax, i'm not a woman beater, and i don't condone putting your hands on a woman. i'm just saying, this story was out some time ago & it raised an immediate red flag for me. So i researched it, and although i didn't like the fact that he slapped her, he didn't come across as undraftable.
    I was asking if this was a different incident, because the other incident was so long ago.
  9. egn22

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    show me where i said that.

    here's an excerpt from the article (from 2009)
    Both Upshaw and Kendall Gryzb were arrested after getting in a on-campus fight back in August. (She allegedly slapped him after seeing him talk to another woman and it escalated from there.) Earlier today, a judge agreed to drop the charges against both of them and expunge their records, provided they both complete anger management classes. Sounds good. But none of this would have been possible without the love and support of Kendall's father. His love and support for Alabama football, that is.

    Based on this article it was a situation that got out of hand. when you factor in the fact that it took place in 2009, these are very young people we're talking about (young people make stupid mistakes), the couple is still together, her family supports Upshaw, the charges were dropped, records expunged, and there have been no other issues, you might possibly, MAYBE be able to look past this and consider drafting him. Maybe. :rolleyes:

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    This tells me he has anger management issues. Judges don't send you anger nanagement classes 'just because'. This is a serious red flag to me that demonstrates Upshaw has a lesser ability for self-control. It's a shame because I liked him at 14, for his ability and leadership, but no more as I now questin his leadership ability.
  11. egn22

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    This is crap. There have been no other reported issues about his "anger" and sometimes judges order anger management or other classes as an agreement to have the record expunged.

    I had a weed charge years ago, that was expunged but it was under the condition that i complete probation and complete community service hours at the American Lung Association. I didn't have any deep issues, it was just the judge giving me an eye opener about life.

    I don't even want us to draft Upshaw, but its annoying to see people sit here acting like they have it all figured out, based only on the information provided by the media. There's no way to definitively say whether or not the guy has character issues based on what we know. "serious red flag", man please.
  12. ddh33

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    I don't like someone who hits a woman either, but is it wrong for me to actually want someone on this defense who does get angry?

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