Video: Cowboys Round Table - Part Two

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jan 17, 2010.

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    Romo is Neo. He's the One.

    He's the next Cowboys QB to win a championship.

    Will it be this year?
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    I wish some of you Jerry haters would listen to these Cowboy legends talk about Jerry. Tony D obviously loves Jerry. IMO there isn't a better owner then Jerry Jones in the NFL. Yea he's done some dumb stuff but the bottom line is his passion to win and have the Dallas Cowboys is every bit the same as ours. He has learned from his past mistakes IMO and has done a wonderful job of drafting all around in recent years and have gotten coaches who will make those players better.

    Jerry. Thank you! :bow: and no the JerryFan in my name really doesn't stand for Jerry Jones.
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    Great to listen to this morning over a Divisional Playoff Morning cup of coffee.

    I do agree with TD. Jerry has learned and grown a bit over the yrs. Jerry is still Jerry, and we as Cowboys' fans are just gonna have to take Jerry as part of the entirety of Cowboy Nation.

    Nevertheless, Jerry cut much of the off-the-field and lockerroom nonsense before this season started; and look at us now.

    I'm not an overt Jerry fan, but I don't loathe the guy like I may have when he first arrived.

    Again, I think he's learned and grown over the yrs.

    I must say, I do like having an owner that wants to win, and puts out his money in an attempt to do so.

    Maybe we are finally striking that balance. A balance the team, the fans, and even Jerry have wanted for so long.

    Folks, lets go out and hit the Vikes in their purple-freaking mouths today.
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    just FYI
  5. dcfanatic

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    I hope Jerry has that formula in place now!
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    Is there a part one?
  7. Kilyin

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