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Video: Video: Dallas at Philadelphia, 2012 w10

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by hairic, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. hairic

    hairic Well-Known Member

    2,610 Messages
    446 Likes Received

    As quarters




    Cable infrastructure is still poor here. Windy = stream problems. Packet loss too.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

    3,073 Messages
    1,852 Likes Received
    This is awesome. I didn't get to see the game today and wanted to find a way to watch it. Thanks so much!
  3. hairic

    hairic Well-Known Member

    2,610 Messages
    446 Likes Received
    Well, the 4th quarter is messed up. That's interesting how youtube decided to encode that.

    I don't think youtube likes when errors occur at the top of a frame. Don't know why, probably some kind of shortcut to make encoding quicker; they only check the beginning of frames and errors there throw things off.

    Here it is fixed:

  4. FanSince61

    FanSince61 Thanks for the memories Dandy

    868 Messages
    18 Likes Received
    Thank you! Much appreciated.
  5. hairic

    hairic Well-Known Member

    2,610 Messages
    446 Likes Received
    Dallas passes


    Dallas rushes

  6. Bluestang

    Bluestang Well-Known Member

    5,826 Messages
    946 Likes Received
    hairic I can't really thank you enough for doing this.

    Love how you broke down the pass plays and run plays.
  7. bud42

    bud42 Member

    64 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Hey a big thanks to you Hairic! I am in Thailand and the only way to see this game was at 4:30am Monday morning! I will not be in the USA until just before the Thanksgiving game. I am looking forward to the Cowboys Browns game. If they win again, maybe I just stay here! HA HA!
  8. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

    18,719 Messages
    41,435 Likes Received
    Thank you for doing this for all the Cowboy fans here, just like the NBA you are fantastic.:starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin :starspin
  9. cbredmon

    cbredmon New Member

    16 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Scandrick clipped/pushed in the back....we got lucky on that one.....it is about time something went our way!!!

  10. hairic

    hairic Well-Known Member

    2,610 Messages
    446 Likes Received
    Philly passes


    Philly rushes

  11. hairic

    hairic Well-Known Member

    2,610 Messages
    446 Likes Received
    Beasley's snaps


    Coaches film is out. Done.
  12. marchetta

    marchetta Well-Known Member

    3,930 Messages
    1,208 Likes Received
    Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated.
  13. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

    10,205 Messages
    3,640 Likes Received
    I saw it live and thought it would be an easy call. I was shocked when Joe Buck said there were no flags on the field.
  14. 31RoyW31

    31RoyW31 Member

    158 Messages
    19 Likes Received
    I saw it live as well, but figured the guy must have been acting and the ref didn't buy it. I notice Joe and Troy didn't mention it either when it shown again on the replay.

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