Video: Video: Dallas at Washington, 2011

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by hairic, Nov 21, 2011.

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    1st quarter


    2nd quarter


    3rd quarter


    4th quarter




    Tired of checking status, a couple of those are still uploading / processing.

    Been uploading for... longer than expected. Also had to cut some stuff out of the 2nd quarter to fit it in 15 minutes. Was a dead ball penalty and a couple replays that didn't add anything in terms of the overall play.
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    Thanks for the video.
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    This is all offensive plays, limited to Costa-visible replays, made for a Costa thread in the Fan Zone.

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    Thanks again
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    thanks bro

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    Tony has the ball at 2:12. Karrigan makes contact at 2:09. More pressure up front then I remember but Tony is definitely drifting to his left and that gives Karrigan the perfect angle to make the play. Smith does lock up and push him wide. The breakdown was not really the fault of Smith IMO. This is what you are coached to do. The breakdown, IMO, was from the interior. The sack is on Smith but I don't think it was bad protection on his part. He did not dominate Karrigan but he did do a nice job, I thought of pushing him wide.

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    I'm consistently amazed by your work here, Hairic.

    You cut out all the superfluous material while still capturing the ebb and flow of the game.
  9. hairic

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    Dallas defense / Redskins offense. No replays and penalties, just the plays.


    Wasn't going to upload this until after the game for bandwidth reasons, but figured I might not have the three hours to cut the Thanksgiving game up anyway.
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    Again, great work and a deep thanks.

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