Video: Video: Darren Woodson predicts the outcome of the Detroit-Dallas game

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gryphon, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Black box, big time.:cool:

    If we can somehow win the turnover battle, I agree that it could be the difference.
    Stafford has been preposterously good so far. He's Marino-like.
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    Why, because he dropped 4 TDs on the Chiefs? If so then Ryan Fitzpatrick is also Marino-like. Somehow I doubt that is what you mean though given that through 3 games the Chiefs are ranked 32nd in points scored and points allowed.

    At least the Chiefs are ranked 9th in rushing yards per game and Jamaal Charles was tearing it up...for two plays, before he left for the season with an injury.

    Or is it because he dropped 3 TDs on the Bucs, the same team that barely beat the 0-3 Vikings and 1-2 Falcons? This would also be the same team that is ranked in the bottom half of the league in every measure except for scoring D (9th).

    Maybe you meant how he beat the 0-3 Vikings? This might be more impressive were they able to pass or defend the pass to save their lives. As they're about the worst in the league so far in both measures I find that less than impressive.
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    At the half of the Lions-Vikings game, I commented that the Lions were paper tigers. But, I was impressed at how they came back. BUT, McNabb's poor play let Detroit back into the game, and the Lions should be 2-1 at best.
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    yeah i would be more confident if miles was playing because a hobbled dez, don't know the playbook ogletree and green WR's after that. But we do have jason witten who can ease that pain of our other wr being so green. And robinson looks to be okay. He has to watch the fumbling though, lucky the ball bounced out. We might need to score atleast 24 points to win this game.
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    as the tuna use to say: put away the annointing oil:rolleyes: ...but the kid has mad talent...better get after his arse or he'll pick us apart: very simple.
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    That thing make no sense. Detroit was the better team or equal on each category except YGP. Dallas has gained 12 more yards per game and that was the only thing they were ahead of Detroit on. How does that equal a 7 point win?
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    Media pundits will play this up for their ratings. Lions are the media darlings to some degree right now.
    No matter what happens, Dallas will be down played.

    We lose, it will be because Lions are SB bound caliber type team, and Dallas is not as good as they seen...all the "I told you so's" will be out. And some of it may be justified but they will over blow it.

    If we win, it will be some excuse of how the Lions blew it. You, know, that's long as we win. I can care less what the media says.

    The local media in Dallas / Ft. Worth are sickening. They are a bunch of blow hard haters...PERIOD....can't stand to listen to them anymore. They go more for shock radio than TRUE REPORTING.

    It doesn't help that The Fan has a Redskins fan and a Jets fan doing far the worst radio station in history, and they are the flagship Cowboys station......I wished they would have kept it with The Ticket.

    I would rather listen to The ticket do regular bits on...uh...Shaving Cream....than The Fan reporting on The Dallas Cowboys....
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    This. The guy is a good QB (good, not great yet) and their team has improved this year to be sure, so I wouldn't lie down on them.

    Despite that, they aren't everything they've been hyped to be at this point and have really benefitted from some subpar competition. It's a winnable game, although I'm not penciling it in as a W by any means. The Cowboys despite our injuries are considerably better than other teams they have faced up to this point and we'll have to see how much is hype and how much is reality when we play them.

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