Video: Video: Dorsett, H Walker w/ Danny White, what Jason Garrett may do!

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    Note, this offense with hershel walker, tony dorsett was very effective and hard to stop on offense with danny white till danny broke his wrist, this is what i envision jason garrett may do with felix, murray, tony flammaeta in full back field or flank out murray since he has good hands or in the slot. This was against a very good defense that the giants had too, so keep that in mind while watching the game So, possibly fullback field at times could be, Romo at QB, Murray at RB, Felix at Halfback and Tony Flammaeta at FB, or have the trio backfield of Murray, Felix and Flammeata and shift out Murray from trio to murray in the slot, and that way defenses dont know who to cover and at times, you could flip and have felix in slot or receive ball out of backfield dump off pass with screen. Just speculating, but curious to see what Jason Garrett can do. I also envision this maybe later in year, dont misunderstand me, I love Tony Flammaeta at FB, but Jason Garrett may bring up Robert Calloway at some point and use him at goal line situations to open holes like the refrigerator Perry did for the bears. Why do i say this, the more options you have and something that teams are unprepared for, more weapons you have, case in point, in 2009 when jason garrett used ogletree in quick screens and eagles were unprepared for it and cowboys ate up their lunch. Read this clip:
    Standing at 6’4” and weighing 322 pounds, the 2009 GLIAC Honorable Mention defensive tackle ran a 5.04-40 during his Pro Day and already is drawing interest from NFL teams. One team, that has asked not to be named, has already scheduled Calloway for a visit in the coming weeks.

    Playing a lot of one, two and three technique, Calloway mentioned that on occasion the team would use a “34 front” and he would play the “zero technique”. He even worked out as an offensive lineman during his GLIAC Pro Day. The scouts know him and they know that something special is waiting for them; it’s just a matter of who will pull the trigger on draft day, and when they’ll do so.
    part 1, hershel walker with dorsett, danny white qb, what jason garrett may do and we can see how inventive jason garrett can be

    part 2
    part 3
    part 4 for more go to above links to view more parts of the game,
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    It's exactly what I was thinking. Difference being I think we have a lot more serious weapons.

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