VIDEO: Drew Henson week 4 passing plays

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by theebs, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Thanks again!!!
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    no prob took a little extra time because there are more replays and a bigger file size, it is the upload that slows me down takes over an hour to upload!!
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    No worries. We should all be patient and grateful for your time and energy.
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    Once again thanks a ton Todd...You da man
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    made my day. Thanks
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    That download was really, fast - watching now!
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    Outstanding. We were like crack heads on the corner waiting for this video. :)
    Thanks for the fix.
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    It is quite obvious that Henson is the best player on the field when that offense is out there.

    The left tackle and left guard for the fire are garbage.

    Henson played very well - made nice throws and what not.

    I should note - some of the throws he made today would have been covered better in the NFL where the defense is better. I'm not so sure that second touchdown wouldn't be defended better. That pass to the rb down the right sideline was the best throw possible there - so I'm not going to call it a bad play. But a high quality CB turns and jumps with the RB to break it up.

    Now don't get me wrong - on the flip side of the above minor criticism, he has to take those minor chances with his sub par wrs.

    Impressive game. Not the magnificent clinic I expected, but highly efficient and effective passing. If he stays this consistent in Europe, I would think that eventually (2007?) his level of play would improve with the quality of talent around him.
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    I'm very impressed with what I saw. What I saw was an instinctive player. A guy that can feel the rush, but keeps his eyes on the prize. Keeps his eyes downfield so that if anything opens up, he can nail him and he did.

    His arm strength is incredible. I think that the only thing Henson needs is time on the field. I'm becoming a believer.
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    Thanks Theebs, gives me something to look forward to every week. U Tha MAN!
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    There's a reason that we gave up a 3rd rounder for him. There is a reason that he was heralded as a potential top pick. He has the tools, and he's showing it. He looks like he's working the rust off (yes its NFLE, but still). I really like his pocket presence, and I like that he uses his check down receivers rather than relying on trying to squeeze the ball into tight spots downfield. He's pretty athletic too. I like the kid. Hope this translates into onfield sucess. Anyone not rooting for him needs to get their head checked. It's in everyones best interets for the kid to suceed.
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    Henson is starting to look more comfortable every game.

    The only thing I think he needs to work on is that he stares down his WRs too often. He needs to look at his reciever w/o turning his head. He needs to look with his eyes, not his head.
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    Thanks as always Theebs. Makes monday at work a little more bearable.
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    Theebs, you da man!!!!
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    As to the second touchdown, he waited for the man in between to go by and led Zuriel perfectly. Did he put the ball on the money? Yes. Anyway as far your contention a good defensive back overcomes that play, an argument could be made that a good receiver (Eldorado?) may have been able to catch the other deep pass in the left corner of the endzone towards the end the game. The ball was on the money, but Zuriel didn't make much of an effort for it.

    About the pass to the running back, I think the point is he put the ball in the perfect position for the running back to catch it. A very good catch by the running back. He was looking down the field and at the last second, turned to his right and put it perfectly on the spot.

    Outstanding game. Nicely managed, moved in the pocket, took what was there, no forced throws and made plays when he had too.
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    Here's my meaningless thoughts on the video.


    - Threw the deep to intermediate passes well with a lot of accuracy. That second deep pass that was incomplete to Zuriel would have had a better chance of being caught for a TD if he had an NFL caliber WR.

    - Throws well against his body.

    - Hit a good stretch of right before the half to the end of the game where he was pretty hot.

    - Great throw on the quick slant on the last pass of the game and generally showed he can make all of the throws out on the field.

    - Did a pretty good job of looking off his receivers.

    - Generally did a solid job of decision making.


    - Footwork is okay at best. Doesn't use his left leg like a corkscrew to get out of the pocket. Not something that will kill his effectiveness, but it does cause him to get out into the pocket a bit slower than what you optimally want.

    - Still has a funky motion with his throws. Seems like he whips the ball around his helmet and then slings in out there instead of using the standard textbook, overhand motion. Not that there's a problem with that, but on some of his passes, especially on 7 routes, he'll loose a bit of zip on his passes.

    - Struggled early on.

    - Struggled with leading his receivers into defenders early on.

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    Thank you Todd for the excellent work.
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    Thanks for the Video!

    Anyone else getting slow download times? I'm on a t1 here. :) and it's going 2.8 kbps :(

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