VIDEO: Drew Henson Week 8 Passing plays

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by theebs, May 6, 2006.

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    I think I'll take the word of a college professor on the matter over that of some internet nobody.

    A sprain is a tear. Sometimes it's so minor it won't even keep you out of 1 game, but it is still a tear.
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    i think i'll ignore you about anthing related to human anatomy or injury reports.

    you know that old saying often applies... those who can't do.... teach... LOL.

    over and out.
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    Not to get into your arguments, but Chinch from what I remember has been correct about couple of other medical/injury related to issues.

    But I have few links for you that seems to indicate Chinch is correct here but you are also correct in a way, since Grade 1 is stretch with micro tears:

    Also it lists with each grade time to recovery. Grade I 10-14 days, Grade II 3 weeks or so and Grade III 5 weeks or so. I guess Henson has Grade I most likely if he is day to day.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    That's not "correct in a way". That's "correct".
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    I did some calculating Spagnola style, factoring Drew's stats as if he was had played a full 16 game NFL season.

    After 8 games (3 quarters each) of NFL Europe, Drew Henson has:

    9 TD Passes
    3 Interceptions
    1,188 Passing Yards

    If you take into account his average per quarter, and make it as if her were playing for quarters a game instead of three, then take that average for 16 games, Drew would have:

    24 TD Passes
    8 Interceptions
    3,168 Passing Yards

    Pretty average, but efficient.

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