Video: Dukes vs Doug Free: The Video Evidence

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Dukes vs Doug Free: The Video Evidence

    For some time now Jamie Dukes has been railing on Doug Free about his performance in the Vikings playoff game and I just couldn't take it anymore...


    I am not saying Free looked like Johnathan Ogden in the game, but he surely didn't look like Rob Petitti.

    If you hadn't seen this game or you weren't a fan of the Cowboys you would think Free just flat stinks and that Jared Allen was abusing him play after play. It's just simply not the case. Free had a few plays where Allen got the best of him, but he didn't give up any sacks to him and for the most part he got the better of him for the entire second half.

    As for what Jared Allen did on those first couple of plays against Jason Witten. I would think Allen should do that to a TE and moving forward it's up to the Cowboys coaches to make sure Witten isn't given the job of blocking a Pro Bowl DE one on one in the future.

    Jamie Dukes hates the Cowboys because he hates Jerry Jones. That's the bottom line here and his tired act of trying to make everyone think Free was dominated in this game should now be over with because there just isn't any evidence of it ever happening.
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    Jared is a tough matchup for anyone. He's a great mixture of power and explosion. He's not the greatest athlete, but he's pretty quick and has a burst within 5 yards. Plus he's really strong, and goes all-out with great technique.

    I think the fact that Free recently switched over from right to left hampered him a bit, because when he run-blocks, he looks really good, while he got driven back some pass-blocking.
  3. theogt

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    The lesson here is, don't let Witten block Jason Allen
  4. windjc

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    HILARIOUS! That cracked me up. Good job.

    Man, our offense sucked in that game big time. We were like a wet paper towel, with Vikings coming constantly from all directions. They completely owned us.
  5. DallasCowboysRule!

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    Fantastic look at that game. You've given me renewed confidence in Free's ability to play LT. I hadn't taken the time to go back and watch that game.
  6. DragonCowboy

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    "Sack allowed in 2009".

  7. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Free in the Vikings game has become the most annoying thing

    It has surpassed the Romo BS, What did TO say this time? And the Video Board
  8. Galian Beast

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    Great video, if anything I think the film from this game is what allowed the front office to let Flozell Adams go.

    Doug Free is far more consistent than Flozell Adams against a pro bowl defensive end, despite this being his first time at left tackle in the season.

    I am worried about our offensive line for 2010, but Doug Free is not where I am worried.

    Its basically everyone else on the line that has me more worried than Doug Free.

    Kyle Kosier got abused in the playoffs. Andre Gurode got abused in Minnesota.

    I really want to think that the offensive line just had a really bad day against one of the best defensive lines in the nfl, but it still leaves me worried.

    We had 118 (142 total) attributable pressures in the regular season (PFF).

    14 from the "skill" positions.

    That means 102 pressures in 16 games from the offensive line.

    6.375 pressures per game (8.875 total) .

    Romo's QB rating when pressured - 77.9
    Romo's QB rating with no pressure - 104.4

    34 pressures from Flozell Adams...

    33.4% of the attributable pressure Romo saw, came because of Flozell Adams.

    The next biggest worry is Leonard Davis. Can he bounce back and have a better year? Hopefully he can, but if not he needs to be replaced and quickly.
  9. chip_gilkey

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    Is there any way you can send this video to dukes and/or nfl live :laugh2:
  10. VACowboy

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    "Heavy-legged waist bender..."

    Isn't Free extremely quick, agile and athletic?

    STAR GAZER Benched

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    I rarely buy anything Dukes is selling.

    Sometimes I wonder which came first, his pedigree as a football player or as a mediot.

    I realize that you often have to throw your football awareness out the window in order to play the media spin, but Dukes takes it to a new level.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    What I am anxious to hear, is how Dukes explains the success Free will have this year. Because he thinks Barron should start and when that doesn't happen and Free does well, he will have to eat his words.
  13. adbutcher

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    He won't even mention it. That is how he will explain it. This is a classic example on how mediots can shape the perception of fans and it is a crying shame that this mouth breather gets so much air time.:mad:
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    Hudson "Teflon" Houck
  15. Alexander

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    I don't blame the media for shaping the perception of lazy fans who don't take the time to watch the games and even when they do, don't understand what they are watching.

    We saw the very same ridiculous assumptions about Jared Allen owning Free well before Jamie Dukes said it in television. It has been a long-standing ignorant theme among the fanbase for a very long time.
  16. Boyzmamacita

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    Great work, dc, but it sure is painful to watch highlights from that game. The Cowboys made the Vikings look way better than what they are. Dallas simply didn't show up that day. I don't even buy into the crowd noise argument. New Orleans was a loud dome, but the Cowboys made plays to shut them up. They just didn't show up against Minnesota. I hope they learned a valuable lesson from it.
  17. Boyzmamacita

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    It's not just lazy fans. It's lazy media too. Many of them have jumped on the don't-believe-in-Free bandwagon.
  18. StylisticS

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    Same here. I kept looking at the score. 4:38 left in the 3rd and the score was 17-3. The game was not out of hand until about the last few minutes of the 4th quarter and Dallas had multiple chances to get back in it. Yet I seen on a Saints fan say that the game was over before it began.:rolleyes:

    But great and excellent work, DC. You know, for as much as we give ESPN flack and I hate that network like the rest of you. They do have a few people on there that loves to talk about the game and speaks positive about every team as well as constructive criticism without show any bias against them. I like Marcellus Wiley and Trent Dilfer on ESPN. I see nobody like that on NFLN. I might be wrong though.
  19. stasheroo

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    We should compare this film to the 'piece' he did the other day, praising a Saints lineman (Strief maybe?) when he was lined up in the backfield. Said lineman was badly beaten on both plays shown and those plays lost yardage. That didn't stop Dukes from saying what a great job he did.

    It made me think that maybe they were showing the wrong film at the time, then I remembered it was Dukes talking.

  20. Reality

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    The reason we lost to the Vikings is we did not score on those early drives and their defense was both fast and well prepared for our offense. On many plays it looked like they knew exactly what we were doing before we even did.

    Brett Favre played one of the best games of his career and the Vikings defense was inspired and impressive that day. We just ran into a perfect storm and got beat.

    I look at it like this .. we got beat badly to end the 2008 season and we came back the next year and owned that team that beat us. I look forward to doing the same this year with the Vikings :D


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