Video Evidence: The Case For Monk in The HOF

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by apickmans, Jan 4, 2007.

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    I know there has been a lot of talk on this board about how Irvin has not made the HOF yet. I agree that he should be in the HOF, but there is one player that a lot of Cowboys fans think do not deserve to be, and that is Art Monk. I know this has been debated a lot on this forum so I just wanted to post this video to show those doubters how great Monk really was. It's kinda long but well worth watching even if you are a Cowboys fan. Hopefully Monk and Irvin will both make it this year.


    Crap I think i put this in the wrong forum. My bad guys.
  2. Bob Sacamano

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    MOnk deserves to be in the Hall, but not when in direct competition w/ IRvin for that spot, if both get in in the same year, good, both deserve it, but Irvin is a little more deserving when you look at comparable #s, such as the same amount of games played

    that's what sucks that Monk has waited this long, he might push Irvin off the list, just because of that fact, compounded w/ Irvin's legal issues
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    I agree with what you said Summer, but its just so annoying when every year HOF voters such as Peter King, Dr.Z, Len. Pasquwhateverhisnameis try to argue that Monk doesnt derserve to be in. I feel like the longer Monk waits, the longer Irvin will wait too. Even if compare Irvins better #'s i think it will be a crime if he gets in before Monk.
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    The voters are a complete joke. A couple of years ago when Rayfield Wright did not make it in, Peter King said he didn't deserve to be in the Hall because he wasn't even the best Cowboy lineman of his time. He said Neely was better. A stupid stance in my opinion. Another teammate being better does not mean that Wright was not worthy. Perhaps he should be championing Neely for the HOF. Because if Neely was better, he was one of the few lineman in the NFL better than Wright.
  5. apickmans

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    It is a joke and in dire need of a change in the voting process. I'm sure there have been numerous suggestions as how to make it better but I dont see it happening anytime soon, and thats sad.
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    like I have said 1000 times...if you think KeyShawn Johnson should be a HOFer one day...then put Art Monk in....if not, then Art Monk deserves to be in the Hall of Very Good
  7. Wimbo

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    Monk should be in.
  8. DIAF

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    The haters are nuts. Art Monk deserves the Hall. I seriously question their football intellect if they think otherwise.
  9. apickmans

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    I would like to hear where u are coming from by saying something like that.

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