VIDEO: Hanson interview was great

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by StoneyBurk, Jul 30, 2006.

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    Yep. It's just about that simple.
  2. TwoDeep3

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    Jerry in no wqay hinted or otherwise that he would terminate Parcells.

    He stated that iof they don't get it done they will go back to the drawing board (my words) and try again.
  3. Alexander

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  4. theogt

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    What an idiot.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Lets just go out there and win it...
    he is a little wacko but we need to finally win

    scroll down on the left at wfaa there are more interviews... he interviewed Jerry and looks down at ground when Jerry answers him... unbelievable - gets a little unprofessional and talks down to jerry
  6. dougonthebench

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    why does anyone give this fool the time of day?
  7. lspain1

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    Hansen comes across as a very bitter man longing for the good ole days. I wonder if he thinks the "fan friendly" policies in the late nineties helped us to have the third lowest win total in this millenium. Hansen doesn't like Parcells and he thinks Jerry Jones and the rest of the NFL is shafting us. Things are more expensive these days but what isn't? He calls it a Mickey Mouse organization, but he was the one asking Jones if he was drunk when he signed TO. Hansen throws stones, but his house is constructed of glass.

    The simple truth is that Jerry Jones hired Parcells to turn around almost a decade of problems. Can anyone, including Dale Hansen, question Parcells' desire to win? I think our team is more talented and able to compete than it has been in almost a decade. Our performance has been spotty under Parcells but I believe things will be better this year. If not, he will probably retire.

    Parcells has his quirks and control of the media is one of them. Parcells thinks it helps him win and who am I (or Dale Hansen) to say he is a liar. Based upon most of what I read these days, I'm on Parcells' side much more than the media.

    Dale are dismissed.
  8. ZeroClub

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    There is a shred of truth in maybe 20% of what he says.

    Not a good average ....
  9. StoneyBurk

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    "Hansen doesn't like Parcells and he thinks Jerry Jones and the rest of the NFL is shafting us."
    A lot of the dfw media do not like " The New Jersey Con Man"
  10. MONT17

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    I dont like Parcells because as a kid I hated the Giants almost as much as the Skins... Having BILL as the HC of the Cowboys is like having JOE GIBBS as the coach and for that I cant stand BILL!

    BILL not letting JERRY turn TC into a media mega event may be bad for the fans but it may be good for the team who is very young in key positions!

    other than that I think he is a great coach!
  11. utrunner07

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    They are! It is ALL about the money to them. I understand that money is the bottom line but it should not be the driving factor. I guarantee you every season from now on will see more and more games going to the NFL Network so the owners can make even more money. Its just a matter of time before the whole season is on NFL network and unless you pay for the channel, (which will also be increasing in price every year) you won't see the NFL.

    Dale is wrong in the way he is going about this and he does sound like a whiner, but he is right on most of his stuff. The NFL is becoming more and more about the money, the players are all starting to want more money (see TO as example number 1) ticket prices are going up and up and now its starting to cost increasingly more just to watch the games on TV from home. The NFL is going to become more and more expensive and less and less popular, very sad.
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    Actually, I think you guys are way off base. I know that I can watch more games now than I ever could, both over the airwaves and on basic cable. The network package gives coverage of the local teams from a given area and games with a national interest.

    For those that want more, they can get it by paying a fee. I have heard Jones say in the past that the NFL wants to keep the majority of games for free. Those that want more can supplement it.

    I have no problem with that.
  13. theogt

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    What? Those evil capitalists and their money couldn't possibly enlarge the pie rather than reslicing it could they?
  14. BigDFan5

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    Alot of the DFW media are morons too, so whats the point?
  15. J-DOG

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    Hansen's "Mickey Mouse" comments are made out of his being mad about the firing from the radio booth and the coverage that Parcells would not let his TV station do anymore.
    He's got a grudge and anyone who does not think so can just replay that video and see for yourself.
    Things change Dale....get over yourself and realize that your station does not have exclusive coverage to the Cowboys anymore. Maybe some real hard-nose reporting is in everybody else has to do.
    You've done your 2-3 press conferences and now you can go back to your cushy lair.
  16. AsthmaField

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    I really can't believe this fool said those things. Calling the Dallas Cowboys a "Mickey Mouse" organization? Please.

    All because he doesn't get as much information as he wants out of Bill and Jerry. He used to get everything from the likes of Campo... whether it was a good idea for the info to be public knowledge or not. He got spoiled and now he's throwing a fit and coming across looking like an idiot.

    If he thinks the Dallas public will side with him over their beloved Cowboys, he's got another thing coming. That is the team I have loved since I was six years old. He just made an enemy out of me. If I lived in that area, I wouldn't watch him or the station he works for.

    I seriously hope that their ratings tank. I really do. Why would a Cowboy fan want to listen to that garbage?

    What an ***.

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