Video: Hysteria

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Everlastingxxx, Nov 28, 2006.

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  3. cobra

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    Nice video. Keep up the good work.

    Only quibble: I had to turn the sound off because the music made my ears bleed it was so bad.... but I understand that is a matter of personal preference and that I'm not going to like anything metal.
  4. superpunk

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    Great job.

    You can't defend that kid. The first TD throw to Terry was great. Had a man in his face, gunned it 40 yards to Terry. Arm strength....not a problem.

    T-New almost broke that.....forgot about that one.
  5. LeonDixson

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    The production on that was outstanding IMHO. And of course it was inspiring to any Cowboys fan. Good job.
  6. Danny White

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    Great video. I was a little disappointed with the music choice as well... because of the video title I was expecting Def Leppard! :D

    I guess I'm showing my age!

    Excellent job, especially the replay stuff at the end with the TD passes. The "heart" special effect at the end with Romo was just a little bit gay, though. If you get any Skins fans watching that video, I'm sure they'll make the obligatory "Brokeback Cowboy" references. :p:
  7. MrMom

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    Great stuff, man. Vids like this get me through my day.
  8. Aikmaniac

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    Awesome. Just plain, genuine awesome.
  9. manimal

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    Greta Vid. I actually like Muse so the music was great too.
    They seem to be a band people either really like or really dislike - no in between.
  10. SmashFactorGolf

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    Am i catching the drift that the NFL is forcing U-Tube to take related Vids of the net?
  11. Future

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    Awesome video, that was great. Love the intro.

    and the song...its the muse right? Outstanding

    Oh and Carrie Underwood is FINE
  12. Cowchick

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    Loved it. Thanks so much!!
  13. 5Stars

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    That was cool, man! Keep up the good work, you need to know that it means alot to us Boyz fans!

    :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
  14. JaiRiid

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    awesome stuff... i haven't had the chance to watch the first half because of travels (but I'm willing to make that sacrifice for family)... so I hadn't seen the Newman return or what looks like Henry almost picking off a pass in the endzone... really appreciate it

    btw, I haven't heard too much of muse, but the song just worked well with the vid for me
  15. Rampage

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    nice vid. the end is funny with the music and slow-mo. anyways nice job man, keep em coming
  16. DallasDomination

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    Everlasting you make some badass Videos!!!.....I was looking at your videos earlier this week and all of them are well put together. I like the Colts Video the most!.:bow:
  17. DallasDomination

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    I guess there is another youtube user with " everlasting" that is a cowboys fan becaus it shows you only have this video.

    Either way Good vid!:star:
  18. hardcorebob

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    Awesome video man! Keep up the good work!
  19. DBoys

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    Natural music at the end was a nice touch :)
  20. CrazyCowboy

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    great job! keep more coming.....thanks

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