Video: Irvin on Stanback

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Chuck 54, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. thechosen1n2

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    i did too...nice insight on a person of interest to all cowboy fans.
  2. Ben_n_austin

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    Stanback is a stud athlete who needs to be groomed. Mike Irvin sounds like an idiot, but I'm glad to see him getting out there with the players.
  3. sago1

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    Liked Michael's suggestion to Stanbach that he needs to get reps and if he can't he needs to manufacture them by asking a QB & a DB to work with him after practices. Would seem to me that at least Bartel & one of our younger CBs whould be more then willing to help cause each benefits at their position with more practice then they can get on the field. BTW: Seem to recall back in 2006 that a backup QB was seen after practices with Hurd & Austin; both WRs made the roster. Of course as we all know, the backup QB hasn't been the backup for 1 1/2 years.
  4. DallasFanSince86

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    That was a great video.

    Glad to see some video on Stanback.

    Thanks for posting the link, wayne motley.
  5. UVAwahoos

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    And his value to hot girls increased exponentially some time in the middle of all that. Stanback has A LOT to lose by not putting in overtime.
  6. adbutcher

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    Great video, maybe just maybe it will shut up some of the chicken littles...I some how doubt it.:cool:

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Great piece and thank you for posting it. Incidentally, for those who may not have watched it, there is another piece in that clip segment with Irvin on Intensity. To me, that piece is even better then the one with Stanback and his progress. Watch it if you haven't already had a chance to see it.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    Crayton is on with Norm right now and he said Stanback has made tremendous progress recently. Said he's learning to slow down his routes a little bit, and is getting better at taking what he sees on film to the field.
  9. Scotman

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    Did you really think so? Many times it sounds to me if Irvin is talking with a mouth full of marbles. But I thought, in this segment, he was very clear and articulate. Not only that, I thought his advice to the young gun was very, very good. It is Stanback's only chance at ever becoming a productive NFL WR.
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    Well I don't know if he's my favorite, but certainly a top 5 at the least.

    I always kinda judge players personalities like this... how cool would they really be to sit down and drink a beer with and shoot the breeze? I'd say Irvin would be pretty high up there on the coolness list... just behind current Cowboys Witten, Romo, and Newman.
  11. Seven

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    Mike, the doors open. Come more often. We need you.

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