Video: Jackie Battle may have "it"

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by juck, Jun 15, 2007.

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    I don't know where you get this man up stuff from but since you feel compelled to know...

    I'm from houston, but my family is from dallas. I hate being here in houston, and once i grafuate from college, im moving my butt back to Dallas to be with my cowboys.

    Any other questions?
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    Signed because he is in nearby Houston. Camp fodder. Video showed nothing. Did he make anyone miss or break any tackles? Looked like wide open holes or leaping over the line in short yardage.

    My favorite part is listing him as 'Houston player of the game' not Player of the game from a game back in 2003!
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    A couple of nice runs and a lot of repeating the same few plays over and over and over .......

    Assuming he even has a career .......

    A lot of certainty to attribute to a guy you have never seen on an NFL field.

    I'm all for giving him an opportunity, but judgements should be withheld until he actually runs a few plays in the preseason. Until then we have to accept the fact that as an undrafted FA the odds are against him.

    "IS" ...... that word is very prominant in your post, and like I mentioned above, you are pinning a lot of certainties to a guy you have never seen on an NFL field.

    Funny, but those who tend to make judgements sight unseen should pay attention. What happens on the field is what counts, and what anyone says means nothing without the actual on field production to prove it.

    JJ will get his chance to prove what he can do without Parcells, and Battle will get his chance to prove he deserves a roster spot.

    With all scouts and coaches running around do you really think it was just an oversight?

    Come on, there was a reason.

    Whatever the reason was, it doesn't condemn him to failure, but it would be stupid to believe NFL coaches and scouts didn't look at him closely and make their decison accordingly.
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    From what we have seen in the video Battle has just the same playing style that Barber has.

    I pick Battle over Barber next season and see what he can do because Battle IS larger and stronger than Barber and I wonder how long he is going to last taking those hits.

    It's okay to pin; then again every team in the league does this... we never saw Romo step onto an NFL field in a real game and we expected him to win.

    Cleveland drafted Brady Quinn to be a good player, yet they have never see a lick of him on an NFL team. So did Oakland... as did 30 other teams who draft players in the the first round even through the late ones expecting (or at least hoping) that they will play well when they see the field.

    None of us are certain of anything... that being said I still think Battle should be the change of pace bruiser than Barber... Look teams already know when Barber is in the backfield he is going to pound it in, why not do just that with a bigger, more phyiscally imposing back such as Battle?
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    Not apples to apples.

    We DID NOT expect Romo to win from the get go - it was only after he had been with the team and played preseason games that we got to that point.

    Brady Quinn is expected to win because of his status - surely you wouldn't rate the odds of an undrafted player that EVERY SINGLE TEAM passed on as equal to a 1st round pick.

    If we had drafted a RB in the 1st round I would say there is no question - dump Tyson Thompson and let's give the new guy the ball, but that's not what we are talking about here.

    As for all this talk about what Battle can do and how he should be put in certain roles - don't you realize that there have been a lot of MUCH more highly rated players that had been scrutinized MUCH more than Battle that didn't live up to what was expected or thought?

    Why don't we actually get him in TC and let him play a little with NFL calibre players before deciding where - or if - he fits?
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    Would you really rather have Battle than Barber? :confused:
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  8. BouncingCheese

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    Honestly, as of right now...

    HELL NO!

    I know Barber is a talented back... he has league playing experience and is good at what he does.

    But to be honest, Barber's playing style for his physique is what I don't like.

    He is effective running between the tackles, hitting players and bulldozing them. That is fine and good, and it is pretty fun to watch a smaller player like him deal out that pain. But we honestly can't expect Barber to last that long the way he plays. (not me at least)

    To appease you staunter, I will only compare Battle and Barber from their college days. Barber plays that same rough-em-up style he played in college. Battle plays the same way.

    Honestly, If I were a coach, and I was planning to have either of the two be my starting back, I would pick Battle.

    Think of it this way: teams and Defensive coordinators are GOING TO KNOW that when Barber or Battle are in, chances are we are going to run it inside. My thinking is you put in the bigger, stronger, and just as fast player in Battle to carry the ball. Brandon Jacobs is a FREAK coming out of the backfield. Now I am not saying Jacobs and Battle are the same, but Battle is very strong, and it just seems wierd to me that a team or coach would not want to put Battle in in a season or two as the guy to pound the ball inside.
  9. Stautner

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    What they did in college doesn't apply - only what they do in the NFL matters, and right now we know what we have in Barber and we don't know if Battle can even make a roster.

    You are acting as if size, and size alone is the factor, and I know you realize that's wrong.

    Look at Walter Payton - smaller than Barber and he ran over people his entire career.

    Now I will accept that there is reason to be concerned that Barber's style could shorten his career or cause problems down the road, but there are only 3 certainties:

    1. We can't be sure that it will be a problem.

    2. If it is a problem we don't know when it will be - it may not be an issue for 5, 6, 8 years or more.

    3. Battle isn't necessarily a better choice - either now or for the future. That can only be proven on the field.
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    He just might have "it."

    I am getting the feeling that JJ won't be with us next season.
    If so, I could see the depth chart as thus:

  11. Chocolate Lab

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    Wow. :eek:
  12. BouncingCheese

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    Points taken.

    I say we keep him instead of Thompson if push came to shove and let him stay on the roster.

    I don't want you to think that I am saying that Battle is as good as MBIII. I do say that I think Battle has the talent to be a good inside runner in the next few years, not now.
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    Neither would you for your even smaller arms....what is witht the please arrest me look....Kinda looks like a skinnier verson of Dave Chappel in the the way, "it" put me asleep in 28 need to change what works look at your sig junkie...that guy down there is more than adequate.....
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    You know we have a quote feature, that would make your post alot more sensible.
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    I know of the quote feature...using it correctly is another thing
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    I guess when your as old as the boy in the sig. figuring things out, isn't as easy eh?
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    Boy did you miss the boat! And I'd rather you not label me as stupid. Especially when you jump to the wrong conclusions about someone's post.

    Despite the buzz created by his pro day workout and some great measurables he wasn't drafted. I still haven't figured out why every single team would pass over him. Do you know? Obviously no one thought he was worth spending a draft pick on. Even a low one. So what is the reason a 245 lb and 4.4 RB isn't drafted? Does he have a work ethic problem? And/or a drug problem? Does he really not want to play football? Does he have problems learning and applying knowledge? Is he a problem child who doesn't listen to the coaches? Does he refuse to block or just simply not have the talent for it? Is he a poor teammate who causes morale problems? Maybe he can't catch the ball?

    He sure wasn't just overlooked. Question is why.
  18. Facin'Fools

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    what are you talking about?! Thats me
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    It is hard to say why Battle was overlooked but he has had no issues. As for his ability to play the game he has done a very good job at U of H but for whatever reason was under the radar. I guess the same could be said of Romo and why he went undrafted. At this stage where or if you got drafted or not really makes no difference it is what you do with the opportunity.
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    I believe it had alot to do with his upright running style, seems like it would be hard to coach him out of that, and him remain effective as he has been. Also, the teams that needed running backs picked them up in earlier rounds, so there was no need to draft Battle later, IMO

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