Video: Jerry from Camp/Dukes feeling pressure about Free

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Jerry Jones talks with Scott Hanson from TC and Jamie Dukes admits that he's feeling the pressure from Cowboys fans about all the Doug Free bashing...


    Mangold didn't say the same thing Dukes has been saying about the LT position for the Cowboys and why the heck would he know what's going on in Dallas anyway? lol.

    I really hope Michael Irvin is a big part of Dez Bryant's inner circle this season. Mike has had his demons in the past, but I think he's a guy Dez may learn from and avoid some of those same mistakes a young player can make when he hits the big time.
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    Dukes is wrong....again. He talks about Romo "reverting back to his old ways" and "throwing the ball up." Obviously, he didn't pay attention to Dallas' games last year because Romo took more sacks than he EVER did because he refused to "throw the ball up" like Dukes said Romo supposedly did. Romo learned to take the sack last year when the play wasn't there.
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    I brought this segment up in another thread earlier. It was actually fun watching Dukes dance around the subject and never put any of the blame on Free. You know he took a lot of heat from some of his earlier comments. :p:
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    Dukes bought into the T.O. lie that Romo was a "problem" in Dallas. Now he has this standard line about how Romo matured...but look out...if pressure comes Romo will revert to his evil ways."

    Of course Dukes conveniently forgets the countless times that Romo has made houdini escapes and made huge downfield plays.

    Dukes was never a very good player. Now he's a playa hata.
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    There's a reason he went undrafted.

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    Dukes was refering to the Mineessotta gaome. But still it's idiotic for him to say that Romo was just throwing the ball up for grabs and revertig back.

    Dukes is basically deflecting away from his false-arguent on Free by trying to place blame on Romo. He even said "it's on tape". Really?

    I would love it if DC (if you're listening) to discect every one of Romo's throws in the Minny game-tape to see if he was simply chucking the ball up, or if it was the WRs' faults. Or maybe it happened mainly in the 4th quarter when the team was way behing and running out of time, which is exactly the time for the QB to air hte ball out.
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    I'm so glad you all brought his up. I was so fed up with Dukes today, I literally turned off the TV. Usually his schtick doesn't bother me like others, but his analysis of Romo "reverting back to is old ways" vs Minnesota was completely asinine. I mean seriously, what QB in the history of the NFL is going to be composed and precise when he's getting pressured/sacked as Romo did that game? It's impossible. But Dukes conveniently holds that against Romo to make his "point".
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    The only point Dukes has ever seen is the one on his head. When Romo wins the Super Bowl this year, Dukes and the rest of the anti-Cowboy crowd will be served a heaping, steaming pile of crow to eat. Then they will move on to another player and run their reputations into the ground.
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    We should all pitch in and get a billboard. :D
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    What makes no sense to me about using that game, was that I felt Romo was too patient. Took too many sacks and not enough chances.

    Now I don't know what Tony was eeing or wasn't seeing down field. But if I coming away feeling he didn't take enough risk down filed, HTH is Dukes seeing too many gambles.
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    Anybody have a email addy for Dukes?
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    Jamie Dukes is such an idiot.That is all.
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