Video: Jerry today on the NFL network

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kjcmeb, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Talks about Garrett play calling (not a big deal since he'll know what is going on anyway), Kiffin (big reason for his expectations and the quality of coaches that want to come with him), Romo (the guy that he wants as his QB).
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    another 8-8 season thanks jerry
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    Yes Jerry also poisons the very water we drink. He also tortures Kittens

    What a bad man.....Jerry is the blame for all that is wrong in the world, what's sad is you can already predict our failure.

    Hopefully you keep that stance if by chance you are wrong.
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    I bet that Romo statement really grinds some gears around here.
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    Boy I love me some Jerry...Socks to Jocks Baby! He has to be one of the slickest guys I have ever watched in action. Imagine if you could be mentored by him personally, plenty of cash would be made. I think we are on the right track, we need 1 ol and 1 dl to become starters from this draft. The 1st 3 picks have to be ol and dl, after that rb and safety.
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    Said that it was his insistance that Jason call plays as HC and that Jason was never dead set on calling the plays.

    Times have changed? It's more complicated? So what. Can he not handle it now?

    Mentions anything that moves responsibility from Jason in terms of calling a play or putting a game plan together and gives it to the overall team is a positive thing. Talks about Jason being in favor of the move and is encouraging the move.

    In response to a question from Mayock about deciding to retain Jason and/or coordinators he talks about how the team has put together some impressive things, "foundations, base, that we can build from" so don't assume changes means the team is throwing all the water out. But, the problem is 8-8.

    Talks about the league being built to be 8-8 so teams have to "break out" somehow in order to get out of the ditch.

    Mayock asks what Monte brings. "Rich, rich enthusiasm and energy". Talks about the scouts having gone to a USC practice when they were down there and the scouts came back and raved about Monte's energy.

    Asked about Romo (can't remember guys name) and talks about it starting with the QB. Asks what the next step is for the offense to build on the talents of Romo. Says he's proud Jason has been coaching Romo for the last 6 years. Glad he isn't starting over in that regard. Then says this:

    Perhaps this is what the uncomfortable is all about. Jerry says he'd be uncomfortable if it were Garrett (obviously meant if it were not) but previously says it's a good thing if Jason delegates all these responsibilities to the rest of the team. Essentially, he's uncomfortable if it's not Garrett but it's also a good thing that it won't be Garrett because he's delegating to the rest of the team.

    Tony talk. Tony is on the same page and is naturally a glass half full guy so he's jacked about the changes being made.

    Little comedy from Jerry talking about Romo getting criticized,

    They finish up and thank Jerry for always being so "generous" with his time. Jerry has a few closing words that talks about the Senior Bowl relative to the NFL Network (making sure to mention he's the chairman......not sure of which one he is referring to but he got that tid bit in there) and says that staying at home is the best way to really evaluate these players out there......half-hearted smile and camera point in full effect.
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    You have to read Jerryspeak...complicated means its not working like he thought the first time. To him, (and Jerry's thought process is all about Jerry) that means its now complicated.
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    Keep it up Jerry...Johnny Football, Kevin Sumlin!!!
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    God bless anyone who can sit through that nonsense.
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    With you on that. I gave up listening to him entirely.
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    I'm trying... Eyes are watering... I think my ears are bleeding. It's not worth it. I give up.
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    sideshow Jerrah from now on. Sideshow Bob's billionaire bumpkin cousin.
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    What's funny is how all the people who hate to listen to jones talk are on this thread.why even open the thread to begin with? Ill don't understand that.
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    Cause the team is getting shook up and maybe they want to see if they can get an idea of where it's going?

    No OC yet, plenty of other stuff up in the air.
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    He's the chairman! What a freakin blowhard. If he loves Romo so much WHY do you feed him to the lions EVERY year....'Mr. Chairman'.
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    Look, I know Jerry played college football. But I'm telling you, when I hear this guy talk about football I would never guess that he played.

    For example, I've listened to Jerry talk football now (like a lot of you) since 1989. I've watched his entire run as owner, president, gm, etc.

    The #1 thing he talks about when it comes to coaches is enthusiasm. If I've heard him talk about passion and enthusiasm once, I've heard him say it a thousand times.

    Now, I'm not against enthusiasm. But enthusiasm alone doesn't make a great football coach (cue Campo). "Rich, rich, (I don't remember the exact word he used to describe Kiffen but it amounted to) enthusiasm". Unreal.

    He goes on and on about 8-8 like we have had 2 seasons of problems. We have had 16 seasons of problems. We have had problems ever since Johnson left. Even when we won with Switzer it was by the skin of our teeth on the power of the work done in 1990-1993.

    Until the guy is willing to look in the mirror and recognize that he is THE MAJOR thing that is wrong with the Cowboys (from a football perspective), any change will be short term. Just my 2 cents.
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    Some things that stood out to me:

    Jerry Summary #1: He wanted Garrett to call the plays when he hired him because of Joe Gibbs's advice. Garrett was for it. He now wants Garrett to not call plays because all of the people he recently consulted said he shouldn't. Garrett is for it.

    Jerry Summary #2: Garret's big plus is the continuity with Romo. Glad they aren't having to start over there. Wouldn't be anywhere near as comfortable if they had to start over there.

    Summary of a Funny jab: Jerry said to show him how he could just pick a QB up better than Romo today, just take one home with him (pointed at the practice behind him). Mayock responded to him that in last years draft they did.

    #2 was pretty telling for me. Seems like having Romo gives Garrett a lot of rope in Jerry's eyes. Big reason why his staff is being rebuilt around him but he is staying imo.

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