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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Feb 19, 2010.

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    When the Cowboys didn't make any real offers to Marcus Spears on a new contract last season I thought he would have to come up big in 2009 to assure himself a spot for 2010. Did he do that?

    Not really sure. He played ok and that's really what he's been throughout his career for the Cowboys. With the way the CBA deal is playing out Spears is a RFA so the Cowboys have first dibs on him and I wonder if they are thinking about letting him walk and giving guys like Stephen Bowen, Jason Hatcher and Marcus Dixon more time in the future.

    Here's Spears on DFW Sportsbeat tonight...


    I have to admit I was never a big fan of his and always thought he was just happy to be on the team. Last Spring he made some comments about trying to come into the 2009 season in the best shape of his career and of course it came across as if he was now willing to commit to the game so he could garner that big contract.

    Those types of players are never favorites of mine. I like guys who are willing to work hard all the time no matter if it's a 'walk year' or not. Going to be interesting to see how his situation plays out.
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    Totally agree with that, but I think some things Randy white told him, his trainer, that spears is growing up. He could be a monster at DE if he wanted too, like the play where he jumped and nailed QB ryan on a pass play, he destroyed the OT and killed Ryan.

    He just needs his fire lit up i think. Other thing you have to realize, he is pulled on most pass plays and our DE's are always asked to most of the time to hold up the offensive linemen so the linebacker can make the play.

    I think also that ratliff is finally getting to spears to play and work hard in offseason, etc, so i think this year spears lights it up.

    The key to our defensive line this year i think will be James Hatcher, if someone can get into his thick head, call him out as a player and have him step up, then our defensive line will be better, we need a dominating player on the defensive line to take some heat off of Ware, and Ratliff.
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    if hatcher is back.
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    It would also be cool if Jason Hatcher stepped up.
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    My god, Spears is getting ripped yet you all are backing Hatcher. he's been the biggest dissapointment bar none on that DL. If anybody is allowed to leave i hope its him, the guy's actually REDGRESSED since his rookie year. Bowen is lightsa out better than hatcher and imo Spears had a very strong year.

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