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Video of last 4 minutes

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Houstonboys13, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Houstonboys13

    Houstonboys13 Member

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    Can anyone post a video of the final minutes of the game? My TIVO stopped recording right at the end.
  2. AdamJT13

    AdamJT13 Salary Cap Analyst

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    Make sure you set it to tape longer than needed. I always set mine to tape 1.5 hours longer, just in case it goes overtime.

    And I've got a hunch someone will post the last few minutes within the next 24 hours.
  3. Houstonboys13

    Houstonboys13 Member

    248 Messages
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    Thanks for the advice Adam. I just got TIVO last weekend and haven't learned how to master it yet. Hopefully someone will post the the video soon.
  4. dfense

    dfense Well-Known Member

    2,695 Messages
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    That sucks don't it? I've had it happen to me to before. And last night it stopped recording on the very posession McNabb hit Roy in the flat. What I do, is set tivo to record the program immediately following the game. That way, it automatically picks up wehere the other recording stopped. It's a tivo issue that sucks.
  5. aikemirv

    aikemirv Well-Known Member

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    You can set up Tivo to record games an set amount of time past their schedule - you dont have to tape the show directly after.
  6. hipfake08

    hipfake08 Well-Known Member

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    Yes. Please.
    Thanks a bunch.... :starspin
  7. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

    6,496 Messages
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    Wow. Me too. My tape stopped the play before McNabb threw the pick to Roy. :banghead: I just want to hear the silence in the stadium after Roy walked into the endzone.
  8. JonJon

    JonJon Injured Reserve

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  9. watertown

    watertown Member

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    thanks to whoever posts it
  10. TheSkaven

    TheSkaven Last Man Standing

    4,085 Messages
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    Ditto the request and ditto the thanks to whomever posts it. I was at the game and, unfortunately, my wife has less faith than me and switched the channel in the 4th quarter because she thought the game was hopeless. :mad:
  11. Kilyin

    Kilyin Well-Known Member

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    That site never has Monday night games.
  12. JDSmith

    JDSmith Active Member

    1,672 Messages
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    It's not really a tivo issue. The networks allocate a certain amount of time for the game, if they were smart they'd realize that almost every MNF game goes beyond the 3 hours they have set aside and adjust their schedule. MNF never ends in only 3 hours, and that's certainly not tivo's fault. I just set my tivo to stop 1/2 hour after the game is 'over' according to the network, that gives me a better approximation of the actual game time. You can set that under options when you record it.
  13. guag

    guag Right Kind of Guy

    6,370 Messages
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    And also, they haven't posted last week's games yet anyway.
  14. JonJon

    JonJon Injured Reserve

    11,032 Messages
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    Man that sucks
  15. Arch Stanton

    Arch Stanton it was the grave marked unknown right beside

    6,475 Messages
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    I think they only upload DirecTV games.
  16. Houstonboys13

    Houstonboys13 Member

    248 Messages
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    Go Calico. I hope he is able to upload the final minutes

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