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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by kyle28282, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Hey guys! This is a video of me from last week:

    Please fell free to share your thoughts about it! There's a bunch of guys with great football knowledge here, so Im really looking forward to hearing from you so I can use that to my advantage for working and improving on my weaknesses!

  2. bounce

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    Take this all with a grain of salt, because you obviously have a lot of talent, and are working with people a lot more knowledgeable than I am in this area. The only thing that jumped out at me is that you seem to be leaning a little forward on the throw. You have a great drop, great arm angles, and everything looks good - but I just notice that upon your release, it looks like you're out in front of your body, rather than over your feet. Also, I should mention, it's not on every throw. Only on a few of them.

    Just a little bend at the waist. If nobody has tried to correct it, or don't think it's an issue, then by all means - keep doing what you're doing. I'm not sure it even affects your throws, because you still have good zip on them.

    It just looked a little bit unnatural to me in a few of the clips.
  3. Jammer

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    Can you pass for more than 20 yards that isn't in the middle of the field?
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    A few issues, your taking the snap with your feet square. One leg should be slightly behind the other foot staggered. This will help with your drop back. If you look at any NFL Qb's, they basically all use this stance. Parallel to the ball, but feet slightly staggered. Your first step should be a pivot with the back foot, and then step with the forward foot.

    It sort of looks like your almost hopping off your third step of the drop back, rather than driving off your planter foot.

    Another critique, you should have your left shoulder square to the target, and follow through tucking the shoulder and arm down. When your throwing your off-hand shoulder(left shoulder) is pointing to the target and then your immediately pulling back,then up and to the left when you throw. That is affecting your throwing motion pretty significantly. Very obvious on the behind view at 2:40 range.

    You have pretty good technique for your age, and the critiques I have are small but can go a long way. Keep working at it!
  5. Rack Bauer

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    Looks great, man. You've got what appears to be a strong arm and a great work ethic.

    Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't make it. Keep working and the hard work will pay off.

    Good luck! :star:
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    First, I'd say invest in a bigger pair of shorts.

    Other than that, not bad. I'd say start with your elbow higher in your dropback. Will allow for a quicker release and more consistent accuracy because there is less motion.
  7. CowboyMcCoy

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    You want to keep the football a little closer to your ear when you throw and shorten up your release so-to-speak. The inside of your hand should come right by your ear. I see your elbow doing a little too much work. The only thing I see is that you could throw off your back foot a little more and bring the bottom part of the part of your hand right by your ear when you throw those shorter passes, so you can release a little quicker and be a bit more accurate.
  8. sacase

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    I just want to echo what bounce said. If you go back and look you are not following through with your throw many times. Sometimes when you throw you are bending forward at the waist, sticking your butt out, then end up on your toes like you are trying not to fall forward. Its almost as if you feel you have an invisible person at your feet and cannot follow through on your throw. You really notice this around the 4 minute mark.

    This second one I am not entirly sure about so have someone else look at it. On a few of your drop backs it looks like you are taking a small step with your left foot instead of pivoting. You can see it on the very last drop back. It seems like you are picking up your foot turning it sideways and putting it back down, not pivoting. The Jay Cutler video that Muhaust posted is a good example of the pivot.

    Work on your footwork a little more, that is one thing you constantly hear about coaches who are working with Rookie NFL QB's is getting them better footwork. Otherwise you seem to have good accuracy and some zip on the ball.
  9. Aracil

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    Drive off your back foot, instead of hopping off of it. You will generate more velocity on your throw if you use your legs more. Also, a lot of those throws seem to sail a little high, which I think comes from trying to generate all the power above the waist, instead of using the whole body.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Agree with bounce...

    And I'm not presenting myself as some expert either. But one thing I see (as with Aracil it sounds) with your actual throwing motion is it looks like your whole upper half opens up too much, or too fast. See how far left your left hand is as you throw and on your follow through? I think you could get a little more zip by thinking more rotation with your hips, and rotating them as your upper body stays still as opposed to pushing your whole body toward the target. Maybe point your elbow at your target a little longer and think of keeping your hand in front of your torso more as you start with your hips and you'll get that feeling of "cracking the whip".


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    Thanks for your input! and dont worry, the main reason I post this here is because Football is really, really small in my country so I dont really get much coaching, and normally work by myself...I've always used the internet in many ways as a tool to learn and improve as a player, and I've also been using the Darin Slack QB academy viedeos the last 2 months to self-correct
  12. kyle28282

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    yes I can. The purpose of this video was mainly for biomechanic stuf...I can throw for 50 or more yards though
  13. kyle28282

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    Thanks!! I will deffinetly keep working to improve
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    Thanks for the kind words sir !!
  15. kyle28282

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    thats south american style! lol

    and as for the elbow, I will work on that ;) thanks for your time!
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    thanks for your time and input...appreciate it !
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    Thanks for the great input!! I will absolutely work on those things!! Thanks again!
  18. kyle28282

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    I'll work on that, thanks!
  19. kyle28282

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    Thanks for your advice!

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