Video: Path to the Draft - Report on Dez Bryant Pro Day

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dcfanatic, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. dcfanatic

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    Mayock, Casserly, etc.

    They go over the Dez Bryant Pro Day.
  2. jswalker1981

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    With so many "experts" being down on this guy, you would think that he wouldn't be a top pick. If the talking heads can persuade enough teams, he could drop to 27.
  3. ddh33

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    I have no question about his ability. I think he's more of a football player than he is a gymnast too, so a lot of this workout doesn't bother me...

    But the decisions he's made do scare me. I worry about his head.

    I'd be scared to pick him at #7. I might even be leery at #17. But if he's there at pick #27 for some reason, I wouldn't even think twice.
  4. theebs

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    I dont know.

    But my rule of thumb would be...

    If charlie casserly says green....I will go with blue...he says up...I will take down.....
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Wow, that's a great clip. Good stuff from NFLN to actually see those drills.

    What I notice is how he does quit on the drill when he slips... And then just kind of laughs about it.

    He also stops running as soon as he catches the ball... Contrast that to the Combine where they emphasize running through the end and really finishing the drill.

    Look at that in route he runs where he falls and grimaces at the end... He quits after he makes his break. No wonder you had to dive for the ball, Dez... The QB didn't expect you to jog out of your break! I sure hope that look on his face wasn't him thinking that he made a great catch, or disgust at a bad throw.

    The 11-1 broad jump at his size is fantastic, but there aren't just red flags on this guy... There are huge flashing red neon signs all over him.
  6. theebs

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    The biggest red flag to me is that he is deions little buddy.

    There should be a giant sign in the war room of red flag instructions.

    Friend of Deion should be one of them.

    We dont need any deion type players in this locker room.
  7. Hostile

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    He has great hands. I think some team will be blessed by picking him.
  8. WoodysGirl

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    The spin on is that he didn't have his cleats and was using new cleats.

    *shrug* I don't know the impact of it all. Just saying that's what it is.
  9. hornitosmonster

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    Agree. Dez is no where near Sanders in the talent department so there would be no reason to put up with a player who shows up when he wants, doesn't pay attention during meetings, goes half ***** in practice, and so on. Sanders was gifted enough to pull that crap. Dez is a rookie and needs to learn and work hard and if pulls that crap then he will never improve.

    Too big of a risk. Pass and address an area of more immediate need with our #1 pick.
  10. jobberone

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    I think once you get a reputation it's hard to get rid of. He's under a microscope.
  11. DeepBleu

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    when dez bryant speaks, he sounded like mike tyson. that's a big red flag.
  12. Sam I Am

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    The only REAL damning thing I see with him is he was working out with Pacman Jones and then defends Pacman. Pacman is cancer, something he has no business being anywhere around.

    That and Deion Sanders. Should stay the hell away from that devil in sheep's clothing too.
  13. 187beatdown

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    If Dez Bryant falls to 27 and Iupati isn't there, then you take him no questions asked.
  14. GimmeTheBall!

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    yo gotta problem wit dat?
  15. utrunner07

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    It would be a massive mistake for Jerry to take a WR in the first round. I would not be suprised if he does though.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    That's not spin; it's the biggest red flag of them all. If true, then forgetting his cleats only demonstrates his clear lack of professionalism. This workout was completely on his terms, and he was out of shape and unprepared. So being illequipped is not a plausible excuse. Was it Mayock who commented about his not looking good in the short shuttle may have been due to not being coached in the drill? Not coached? WOW!

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Isn't that what WR Roy Williams' agent said to Jerry Jones a few years ago? ;)

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