Video: Video - Romo Post-game interview

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Kilyin, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Who said he should be miserable? Seriously do you have reading comprehension problems? What part of enjoying one's self with their family has that as any remote implication. Believe me, Tony is miserable. He's a competitor and they hate losing.

    It is a game. But it's also a product. You can buy it by watching it or you can leave it on the shelf if it sucks.
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    I have a feeling that shovel play was going @ least for a first down because that WR cleared the LBs zones. Romo waited as long as he could for that player ( can't remember who it was) to be open.
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    So, a quarterback sees the pressure and throws an int/fumble and you don't give him the blame? Yes it was poor blocking but you don't compound the blocking mistake with an inexplicable decision like that. That play right there sealed the game.

    He had one against the bucs like that as well.

    He is trying too hard to do too much.
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    I've watched the Briggs pick six play several times, and I honestly don't know if Romo was attempting to shovel pass that ball.To me it looked like Melton punched it loose when he reached for Romo, and then either he or Romo inadvertently batted it forward into the waiting arms of Briggs.
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    If I remember correctly you could see a throwing motion start just as or before he got hit and a sort of follow through with the empty hand.
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    Hmm... not seeing it. To my eyes it looks like Tony has the ball tucked in his right arm, and Melton brings his arm down on Tony's forearm knocking the ball loose. Could that last picture indicate that Romo accidently punched the ball forward with his left hand?
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    exactly how I feel, he did have his blunders but not to the extreme the stats show. There were ALOT of things from the team as a whole that were poorly played. one being the defense had to pick this game to totally blunder and let the offense dictate how they did.

    The oline, although much better as far as less penalties go, did not adjust very well to the blitzing packages the bears threw at them.

    Dez, man I have been such a fan of him but I am starting to wonder if he understands the game well enough to play up to his potential. It seems like a never ending thing with him disappearing in games and adjusting his routes properly.
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    If you blame Romo for the fumble something is seriously wrong with you... He did not try to toss the ball first of all, the guy popped the ball out of his hand into the air when he was trying to step up in the pocket. It was poor blocking by Benardeau!

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