Video: Run vs Pass: What's more important for Cowboy's success?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Run vs Pass: What's more important for Cowboy's success?

    Do you have to open up the running game by passing or open up the passing game by running...


    The chicken or the egg? I think it's really an argument that could be talked about all day long, but for me if you can't do both with some success you are definitely going to struggle to win a championship.

    2008. The Steelers won themselves a title with no running game. And the team they beat, the Cardinals really didn't have a running game either. But those teams also had very opportunistic defenses that season.

    I think you would consider the Saints and Colts passing teams, but they seemed to run the ball with some success when they had to in the playoffs.

    The Jets pretty much depended on their running game and they reached the AFC Championship game. What are the Vikings who were one or two plays from playing for a title?

    For the Cowboys I think their offense has to be somewhat balanced. The offensive line isn't the greatest at run blocking so Jason Garrett has turned to a 'tricky' running game by running draws from the shotgun and using a lot of delay runs too. The problem is that going into the shotgun formation all the time limits some of your options and Andre Gurode has had some trouble in the past with his snaps.

    When the Cowboys ran up against 34 defenses who changed things up from what was on their game film (Green Bay as an example) the offensive line had trouble figuring out their assignments. So if you can run the ball and stay away long third downs you stay away from some of those exotic blitz situations too.

    Tony Romo and his weapons could probably put up enough points to win games if Jason Garrett decided that this was a passing team on 70% of the plays. But then what about Wade's defense who would have to face a lot of time on the field if the offense had a bunch of three and outs. I don't want to have to win every game 38-35.

    Guess what. The NFL is a huge chess game. These offensive and defensive coordinators are adding and changing things so much from one game to the next that it's a shame these NFL players don't get more credit for their smarts.

    Which is more important from your angle: Running or Passing game?
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    Based on the breakdown of last week, it's a passing league.

    A strong running game though is the antidote to your opponent's high flying passing attack. Keep them off the field, keep your defense fresh, and demoralize their team with long methodical drives.

    4 - 5 yards a carry isn't sexy to watch for the casual fan, but it wins a lot of games.
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    There is almost no correlation between yards per carry and winning games.
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    It depends on how the ypc is achieved. A consistent 4 - 5 yards per carry will win you some games. However if you get a bunch of 1 yard and no gainers along with 1 or 2 long runs to bring up the average it won't do you that much good.

    The long yardage run plays will be good for the moment but over the long haul you need to gain yardage consistently on your running plays. Those 1 yard and no gainers (and of course losing yardage) will kill a drive or at least force you into obvious passing situations.
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    Running. Of course I am thinking of the 90's team with Emmitt and they way we wore down opponents into submission.
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    If this were true, it'd likely show up in the correlation statistics, given that the mean is likely more often extremely close to the median. Any way you slice it, having a better running game, by and large, doesn't mean much to a team's ability to consistently win games.
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    Here is some of the play-by-play from the San Diego game. We ran the ball very well on this drive.

    Dallas Cowboys at 10:18, (1st play from scrimmage 10:10)
    1-10-DAL 27 (10:10) F.Jones up the middle to DAL 39 for 12 yards (S.Gregory). R3
    1-10-DAL 39 (9:37) F.Jones left end to SD 49 for 12 yards (P.Oliver). R4
    1-10-SD 49 (8:58) F.Jones right tackle to SD 44 for 5 yards (S.Phillips).
    2-5-SD 44 (8:19) M.Barber up the middle to SD 36 for 8 yards (K.Ellison). R5
    1-10-SD 36 (7:45) M.Barber left tackle to SD 31 for 5 yards (T.Johnson).

    Didn't matter if Felix or Barber was carrying the rock, we were averaging over 8 yards every time we handed off. The drive continues...

    2-5-SD 31 (7:02) T.Romo pass incomplete short left to R.Williams (A.Cromartie). Pass incomplete on curl sideline.
    3-5-SD 31 (6:57) (Shotgun) T.Choice left tackle to SD 26 for 5 yards (L.Castillo; K.Burnett). R6
    1-10-SD 26 (6:14) T.Choice left tackle to SD 20 for 6 yards (S.Merriman). RAZORBACK FORMATION: snap to Choice.
    2-4-SD 20 (5:37) F.Jones left tackle to SD 13 for 7 yards (S.Phillips). R7

    The run drive of the year. We're having our way with them, really showing what we can do as a run team, no matter who runs the ball. Was there actually a pass in there?

    1-10-SD 13 (5:03) F.Jones up the middle to SD 12 for 1 yard (K.Ellison).
    2-9-SD 12 (4:24) M.Barber left tackle to SD 8 for 4 yards (K.Ellison).
    PENALTY on SD-S.Phillips, Illegal Use of Hands, 4 yards, enforced at SD 8. X8
    1-4-SD 4 (4:10) M.Barber right guard to SD 1 for 3 yards (B.Siler).

    So far we've got 11 carries for 68 yards on this drive alone, for an eye-popping 6.2 average. The drive continues...

    2-1-SD 1 (3:37) M.Barber right guard to SD 1 for no gain (T.Dobbins).
    3-1-SD 1 (3:00) M.Barber right tackle to SD 1 for no gain (T.Dobbins; J.Cesaire).
    4-1-SD 1 (2:23) M.Barber right guard to SD 1 for no gain (T.Dobbins; B.Siler).

    We finish the drive with 14 carries for 68 yards, and an impressive 4.9 yards per rush. That's more than what we averaged for the entire season, which was 2nd in the NFL. But our statistical domination of run defenses can't get us that one yard necessary to win the game.

    If we can run more consistently, we win more games. But that's a pretty good example of why yards per carry doesn't necessarily translate to winning.
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    It's like asking which foot you need to run better with, the right or the left....
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    The pass. We're a passing team in a passing league.
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    I agree..Make no mistake about it, this team IS a passing team. Not only are we built to pass but for some reason even when we were better suited to run the ball JG preferred to pass it anyways. So taking all of that into consideration, this team will be a passing team, for better or worse.
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    Passing weapons are every where on this team. The QB is a one of the very best in the NFL.

    Nevertheless, one of your best players is number 28. He can shorten drives for # 9 in a hurry.

    #28 will make life much easier for everyone, including giving the defense more points.

    Few teams have the Joker in the deck, but Dallas has him.

    Now, they just need to feed him the rock.
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    I think to take the next step and become Champions we must do both. I think any time you are too 1 dimensional you set yourself up for failure.
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    but All-Pass teams fizzle out as more defenses are able to focus on pass defense.

    If you do not have a running game worth a damn, then you may be a one hit wonder and that is all.

    Dynasties are made with a balanced attack. Perfect example is our early 90s dynasty. We wore defenders out trying to chase down emmitt smith. Both phases of the games helped the other, with the running game just wearing down the opponent, breaking their spirit as we forced our will on them both in the air and on the ground.

    Let me end this by saying, I hate all passing teams. I hate the aspect of an all pass mentality, and I find it boring to watch. The NFL wants to change all the rules, like no touching the QB and not allowing CBs to go anywhere near the wr or its PI, to make it easier and more logical to pass the ball cuz it is "what the fans want". i call BS.

    let football be played the way it is meant to be played. alot of rules should be reversed, alot of them which makes passing the ball more viable. CBs should be allowed to have incidental contact, defenseless WR hits - what is that?, PI should be 15 yard penalties unless obviously intentional, celebrations in endzone should be allowed, unintended helmet to opponent hit should be ok, get rid of the collar penalty, QBs should be able to get hit anywhere on the body with maybe a little leeway for OBVIOUS helmet hits and the defenders should be given more than a half step buffer without incurring a penalty.

    I think we are softening up this game and I think it is the NFL and the rule changes are making the run game more irrelevant, not the running game itself.
  14. BrassCowboy

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    It's a passing league. But you need to be balanced somewhat and more importantly stay out of 3rd and long.
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    I agree the rules are set up to help the passing but running is what will keep a defense honest and prevent them from just pinning their ears back and going after the QB. If you can show a good running game it becomes easier to freeze LB and Safeties using play action. Also in games where a team is struggling in the passing game due to weather or just being a bit off that day you need something you can fall back on and rely on.
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    It's the balance between the two.

    Let the others be pass happy. The others don't have 2 gifted and one (pretty good; Barber) RBs.
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    lots of the modern passing game is merely long handoffs on quick passes, so comparisons are difficult but a team that can run the ball successfully can win and youmust mix it up to keep the D honest

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