Video: Some film study on Barry Church -Toledo vs Purdue

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    Hearing a lot of good things about Barry Church

    Over the last four weeks I have heard solid reports on Cowboys rookie Free Agent Safety Barry Church. When you hear the word Safety you probably want to know if he can be in the mix for the starting Free Safety job along with Alan Ball and Mike Hamlin.

    Barry Church won't be in that mix folks. The last thing he's familiar with is playing the deep half of the field. You should think of him more of a Strong Safety who may be able to push Pat Watkins for his roster spot if he can prove that he's able to get the job done on Special Teams.

    I remember reading a few things about Church coming into the draft because he was a four year starter at Toledo. But I never really was wowed from anything people were saying about him.

    Yesterday I was scrolling around my DirecTV schedule and saw that the Big Ten network was airing Toledo at Purdue from week one of the 2009 season.

    Let's get this out right now. This video is not a highlight video whatsoever. Church makes a play or two in here, but the video is more about showing you how he was basically playing linebacker in the Toledo 4-2-5 defense. At one point in the video you even hear Rod Woodson, he does color for Purdue games, mention that Church is playing the 'Star' position. When I heard that I definitely perked up because this was the position Darren Woodson used to play in the old Cowboys 4-3 defense back in the day. The player is pretty much a hybrid LB/S who is always roaming all over the field and is usually asked to do things based on the opposing offense on the schedule that week.

    So let's go to the video...


    The first thing you notice is that Church is all over the map for this defense, but he usually never more than 10 yards away from the line of scrimmage.

    Taking on a ton of blocks, but always around the ball and I tried to stop the film on him to show you that before going to the next play.

    He did show that he wasn't afraid of contact and he did make a nice tackle in the open field on that one play.

    Another thing you will see is that sometimes he's in motion along with the TE. That's how the Cowboys use Gerald Sensabaugh.

    Like I said earlier there were not too many highlight plays in there, but you just hope the Cowboys secondary coaches can turn him into a gem. I hear they like his athleticism and his ability to move around in traffic as he tries to get to ball carriers.

    I say good luck to Barry Church and we'll see how he pans out.
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    Yeah I saw that game earlier on Saturday.
    High scoring game.
    Good analysis to Woody...I just wish Church had the same kind of speed that Woody had coming into the NFL.
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    Wow, I had never seen any footage of Church. I had only read articles about him. But he looks like a guy that could be almost ready to play. I'm not sure whether he looks like a FS or SS, though. Even though they were playing him in the box sometimes and he was effective, he got burned when he gave up that cushion in zone man coverage.

    I only saw one play where he made a mistake. The rest of the plays he was in there effecting turnovers and making tackles. I didn't expect him to look that good on film. He was a stand out player on an outmatched defense playing Purdue.

    I think we might have a player in Church. Wouldn't that be something if we have two new players this year, Church and Sicko?
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    Is it me, or did the first time 4 defensive players put their hand on the ground come at 3:09 on a 3rd down play? I'm seeing only 3 down lineman.

    The next is at 4:38 on a goal line formation. The next play as well on goal line, 4 down lineman.

    6:11, third down.

    Looks to me that they play a 3-3-5 with one of the OLB's up on the line, not a 4-2-5.
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    You do realize there were plays in the game that were not in the video.

    They run a 4-2-5.

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