Video: The Cowboys Defense At It's Best!

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 22, 2010.

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    The sack of Rivers puts the Chargers offense into a bad situation. Then Rivers is forced to try and pick up big yardage before he gets into a long third down which is always a struggle. Newman does a great job of reading the route and making the INT.
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    I think it's important to note this:

    Bradie James stated that S.D. was running formations that Dallas had never seen. Norv Turner ran like 4 screens in the first half.

    The Dallas defense, like the Dallas offense, was playing very vanilla.

    Terence Newman showed his craftiness (he knew the out was coming and baited Rivers and jumped it) on that pick and his good ball skills. He may have picked the first one off, but I don't think the ball was thrown where he thought it would be. The WR had to jump high and catch it kind of behind him. Rivers went back to the out, and the ball was there on the second one.

    Ryan Matthews didn't look great on that Spencer sack, he would have trouble playing over Marion Barber here. :)
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    Hail to Norv for wanting to be the preseason Coach of the Year.
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    Considering Spencer is my co-favorite player on the team, I've tried to not expect him to carry over his end of the year last year to this year, but so far it looks like he is.

    Who is the Skins RT? I don't even know. Is it Jamaal Brown? I thought he had some injury issues.

    Whoever it is, it'll be fun watching Spencer whip him and that punk Cooley all game.
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    I suspect that if they both stay healthy, Ware and Spencer will combine for around 30 sacks, with each getting 14-16.

    I also think with Butler and B Williams showing enough that they can work in for a few snaps per game, over the course of the season Ware and Spencer should be extremely fresh.
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    Even more satisfying will be seeing Ware embarrass their new LT as he slams McChunk
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    For some reason, there's a notion out there that the defense played bad last night. After rewatching the game several times, I think that's utterly ridiculous. We weren't dominant but that's one of the best offenses in the league and to hold them to just 7 points in a half (points that came off an offensive turnover) especially given the time of possession difference, and that they ran all sorts of formations we hadn't prepared for, is pretty impressive.

    First drive, they move the ball a bit but we get the turnover in the red zone. 2nd drive with a short field from a turnover, they need to go for it on 4th down (converting on a backup SS) and they needed third down at the goal line to punch it in with a QB sneak in the preseason. 3rd drive they go 3 and out. 4th drive they move the ball a bit and we force a turnover again.

    Yeah, that's terrible defense:laugh2:
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    Good post. I loved the takeaways last night.

    Dallas has to be able to stop the run, but teams are going to have a very difficult time protecting their QB.
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    Don't man...just don't.
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    Trent Williams is done.
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    This is not an aberration, I expect to see a lot of this once we get the regular season going.
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    not saying the D was terrible but considering they didnt have mcniel or tra thomas at LT and that they were missing their star receiver, we shouldnt have had as much trouble as we did. and our run D looked pretty average especially up the middle.

    im not that worried though because this team is more about game plan, scheming, and film study preparation

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