Video: TO telling teammate play was to Fasano

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Everlastingxxx, Oct 26, 2006.

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    I see. I don't think anybody thinks Bledsoe per se is an idiot, I think people see him do things that a 14 year veteran is not supposed to do - like hold on to the ball when you absolutely cannot have a sack (in fact, before the game, Bledsoe himself pointed out how critical it was he get the ball out) or repeatedly throw INTs when protecting the ball is premium (end of game, mounting a comeback). They see these things and think "how stupid!" and really, it is.

    What good is experience if you don't learn from it? This particular play is talked about because it happens to be posted, but it isnt the first time this type thing has happened. He wouldn't be benched if it was. But since it's posted, it is obviously more scrutinized.

    Furthermore, Bledsoe, once again, out of his mouth, calls into question his thinking by saying on radio he should've thrown the ball away. That's what you do when the play you called isn't there - and regardless of who the play was designed for (something you argued), the play was designed to go to the RIGHT, per Parcells. So without even checking his options WHERE THE PLAY IS DESIGNED TO GO, Bledsoe says, even after film review, etc. that he should've thrown it away??? Something seriously wrong with that picture.

    Finally, I don't think you can find one poster on this board who thinks Bledsoe is the ONLY problem with this team. Common sense tells you it's a team game, and questions about the OL, and whether it was poor, pitiful, average, sufficient - never great, excellent, etc. have been posted here all season. Not to mention questions about the defense (no pass rush, can't defend deep).

    Given the above, I'm left to believe what I thought originally, that you are truly arguing for arguments sake.
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    Bledsoe in the red-zone makes his mind up before the snap on his pre-snap reads and just fires the ball to where he thinks the open guy will be.

    The last int in the eagle game was the same way.

    Romo can buy more time and hopefully go thru the reads after the snap.
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    LMAO! sig idea, thanks
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    Yep that was Fasano. It was right below us in the end zone. I remember pointing and screaming that he was open, but no luck. Bledsoe would have thrown to Terry if the entire Giants defense had him covered.


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