Video: Why do the Cowboys have so much trouble with twists and stunts?

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I am still wondering about this one. Was Brewster supposed to stay on the edge and read the twist? How was Leonard Davis supposed to get out that wide to block the blitzing LB? Could just be a simple case of the defense just designing something that is unblockable due to great timing.

    And Romo really doesn't escape some blame because it seems he didn't even see Weddle underneath the route.
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    Either Garrett or Houck have failed against that for three years now.

    I have no idea why, either, especially as much as our own defense does those exact things.
  3. Rampage

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    cause our line is dumb
  4. Plankton

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    If you look at Houck's lines with the Cowboys from 1997-2002 and 2008-2009, it has been the same thing - problems with blitz recognition, stunts and twists.

    While the 97-02 lines were declining talent wise, it does point to the coaching overall.
  5. ScipioCowboy

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    We've spent the bulk of the offseason worried about having to play backups and new starters along the O-line: Free, Brewster, Holland, etc.

    Yet, it's the starters who have surrendered most of the pressure. Colombo struggled against Oakland, and Davis and Gurode continue to clueless when facing stunts and twists.

    At this point, I'm honestly wondering if the Cowboys aren't better served starting Holland and Kosier once the latter returns from injury.
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    From behind the defense view, its looks like the DE that went on an inside slant sorta picked Davis. The only way to stop that is for Gurode to pick up the DE immediately and for Davis to step back right at the snap to pick up the blitzing linebacker. Davis didn't recognize what was going on nearly fast enough. But it was great timing nonetheless by San Diego.
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    Maybe Baldinger is on the money about OL being dumb guys or not too intelligent. I just have hard time putting it on Coaching.
  8. Idgit

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    The twists and stunts thing drives me crazy. It's what really killed us in that game against B'more in '08. And we haven't fixed it yet.

    I'm also tired of not being able to take over a game with our running game. With the players we've got on this team, we should be able to do it. It puts so much stress on the passing game to have to rely on it to break everything open. Last year was a step forward, because our defense was able to hold teams to so few points scoring, but at some point we've got to be able to line up and shove the ball down someone's throat. I'm far from a pessimist about this offense, but it sure seems to me like we haven't been able to really dictate to other teams with our running game since the '07 season.
  9. Bizwah

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    The fact that it's the preseason compounds the issue.

    Of course, this is a problem that's hounded us for a while.

    Our offseason focus next year has to be the OL. We need to get guys that are more athletic...more mobile.

    Free is a good start.
  10. theogt

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    The RT let two people go by him before deciding to block someone that was already engaged by another lineman.

    Not hard to see who was at fault. He had a choice to block three people and two of the answers were right and one was wrong. He picked the only wrong answer. It's amazing how someone could be that stupid.

    Garrett and Houck can't make him not stupid as dirt.
  11. FLcowboy

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    Young is where Free used to be. Give him a year in the weight and film room. And, from all the negative press Brewster got prior to the SD game, he wasn't that bad. Add a 1st or 2nd round O-lineman in 2011, and the O-line will be alright.
  12. CATCH17

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    It's Brewsters man but Leonard Davis screwed up the whole play because he wasn't paying attention.

    Davis is supposed to take over the guy Brewster has but Brewster can't pass him off because Davis never see's it.
  13. Future

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    He was right on when he said that...
  14. percyhoward

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    Davis sees the tackle slant inside of him, then jumps to the left. By now, Davis should realize he's supposed to switch. Davis never engages though, and while he's frozen for a second with no one to block, the LB loops around his outside shoulder and makes the sack.

    If Davis doesn't flinch when the tackle slants inside him and instead just stands there, the LB would have had to take a wider path. I don't blame him for flinching, but he sure took a long time to figure out what was going on.
  15. 28 Joker

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    Laufenberg cited Davis' fault.

    Vela cited Davis losing site of Cooper in the B gap.

    Broaddus cited Davis and Gurode.

    MacMahon cited Davis.

    This isn't anything new. This has been going on since 2008, especially that December. Davis was assaulted with delayed blitzes during 2008.

    That delayed blitz was aimed right at Leonard Davis. They overloaded the right side, and Davis didn't see it, as usual. If you don't see it or feel it, you can't react to it.

    When Davis whiffs, he whiffs bad. That is the big problem with him.
  16. dmq

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    I so loved the Davis signing a few years ago, but I now see why Arizona let him walk.
  17. CATCH17

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    He whiffed bad because he wasn't in a position to pick up that blitzer.

    He is supposed to take over Brewsters man and Brewster is supposed to come off of that and pick up that blitzer.

    He's money when he gets locked onto his man. He's gotta play with better awareness in pass protection for sure.
  18. Marktui

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    If all we need is 7 yards, why is Austin running a route all the way to the 47 yards line. The first down marker was at the 34 yard line. Crayton and Williams on the other side are running deep routes as well.

    Shouldn't there be a hot read by Romo and WR's to cut the routes off and get to the first down markers. Romo had 3 seconds in the pocket and could have gotten a throw off short. Instead he hangs in there and has to get rid of it with pressure in his face.
  19. 28 Joker

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    Broaddus just singled out Leonard Davis, again, for whiffing on this play.

    Furthermore, he pointed out Davis whiffing on plays like this last year.

    (on DC Fanatic's radio show)
  20. CATCH17

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    Your bring up a great point.

    I don't know if Austin has an option right there but he basically sprinted into coverage and Romo locked on to him the entire way.

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