Video: Wilcox top five edge rushers

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. dcfanatic

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    If ware isn't #1 then the list is flawed.

    I can't agree with Kampman over Dumervil and Harrison though.

    And not to alarm anyone, but the #70 on the Rams who is being abused by Jared Allen is Alex Barron.
  2. Eskimo

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    A healthy Freeney is the best pure edge rusher around.

    Ware is a better all-around player, though. He should be #2 on the list.

    Jared Allen is fine at #3.

    Peppers is fine at #4.

    I'd also put Dumerville at #5.
  3. ThreeSportStar80

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    Wow... I think D-Ware is the best defensive player in the game.
  4. adbutcher

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    Ware is deserving. He strikes fear in OCs, QBs, OTs, and opposing fans.

    "Rod doesn't know that they hide knowledge in books", Solomon. Now that is a classy way of calling someone stupid. :laugh2:
  5. dbair1967

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    I dont know what year that highlight is from, but it was widely reported that in last years games Barron shutout Allen. Allen had no sacks and didnt even register a hit on the QB that day, and was credited with only two tackles.
  6. Joshmvii

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    I like how he says "He can also play OLB in a 3-4" in regards to Ware. Nevermind that is the only position Ware has played in his entire NFL career. :laugh2:

    Anyway, I like the list because he put Ware #1 where he belongs. =)
  7. Jarv

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    Yeah, I caught that too...
  8. Sam I Am

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    I disagree with the talk about Dumervil making that list. I would take Mario Williams over him. The problem I have with Dumervil is he is a one trick pony. He has speed and thats it. Mario Williams has speed and power. Having both speed and power keeps the left tackle off balance. Each snap, he doesn't know how the rusher is going to attack him.

    Give me Mario Williams over Kampman. The rest I'm good with.
  9. aikemirv

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    Except in the nickel where he plays DE in reality I believe. Anyway, I think he is the best DE in the league and the best 3-4 OLB in the league also!
  10. tomson75

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    I wonder if Ware will make the list in the linebacker category as seems they were trying to pigeonhole him as a DE for some reason....

    ....and I wonder if Woodson will be able to keep his pustulous gob shut if another Cowboy player gets credit on Total Access. That man's contempt for Tony Romo is so blatant he comes off as a jilted lover, someone with ***** envy, or Napoleonic syndrome...pathetic.
  11. DeepBleu

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    so who had dumervil's stat wrong? woodson or wilcox?
  12. ThreeSportStar80

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    :laugh2: :lmao: :lmao2: Now that's too funny....
  13. AbeBeta

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    I wouldn't be bothered by that. Allen abuses lots of guys.
  14. Joshmvii

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    Our nickel package is more of a 3-3-5 and not a 4-3, so Ware is still playing his OLB spot in those packages. He's not a DE, even if his hand does get down on the ground sometimes.
  15. hipfake08

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    This was on last night about 8pm EDT.
    Nice little clip.
  16. AdamJT13

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    That clip was from this year's game. Allen finished with no sacks, no QB hits, no QB pressures, two tackles (neither for a loss), one pass batted down and two fumble recoveries.

    On the play in the video, Kevin Williams sacked Kyle Boller, and Allen picked it up and ran it back for a touchdown. The video makes it almost look like Allen got the sack and forced the fumble, but he actually was more than 4 yards away from the QB.

    Here's the video of the play --

    And a screencap (that's Barron and Allen at the 42-yard line) --

  17. adbutcher

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    Nice work Adam. It is amazing how much the way things are edited can completely skew reality.
  18. sonnyboy

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    I would to. But it is a list of the top5 edge rushers, so the speedy one trick pony would certainly qualify for that.

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