Video: Video: Witness describes scene at the accident that killed Cowboys player Jerry Brown

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Didn't the car roll over a few times? Is it possible that not only was he is shock, but that maybe he had hit his head at some point and had a concussion as well as being drunk? There are too many moving parts to this story and I am not judging anyone. Brent has to live with this, he is the only one that truly knows what happened.
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    I played a football game with a guy once and after the game we are walking off the field having the most normal conversation in the world. He stops and looks at me with the weirdest expression and said, "where are we?" He had a concussion.

    How anyone cannot understand that Brent was probably disoriented I don't understand. If the impact killed Brown then I would guess Brent received significant impact also.
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    It's weird how consensus builds in a discussion. There's a thread about this identical video in the Fan Zone, and there people basically universally decided that the "witness" was full of it. Here, almost everyone is taking what she said to be true.

    Interesting how that works.
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    Even if you take the woman's story at face value, think about the details.

    "He won't get out of the car"... She said that Brent said this two or three times.

    Now... is that a rational response to the situation? Doesn't that sound like someone talking who has had a head injury?

    Now add to it the physical evidence. Not only did Brown die from the impact, but Brent has bald spots on his head. How did that happen?

    I think its obvious that IF THE WOMAN'S STORY is completely accurate, you were dealing with a man who was both drunk, and disoriented.
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    Right. What's the alternative? That he wanted to watch his friend die in the fire? It's ridiculous.

    This lady obviously just jumped to a conclusion without thinking first.
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    Oh, I think what she's saying is her version of the truth. I just think the conclusions she's making are pretty ignorant.
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    It's not an excuse. It's a fact.

    I see this situation on almost a daily basis. The shock from a significant motor vehicle accident alone can be extremely disorienting...even without injury.

    I'm not making excuses, and for all I know, he was completely oriented....but there is a strong possibility he wasn't.

    This woman is not qualified to make judgment, and those responsible for allowing an opinionated testimony like this reach to millions of people should be held responsible.

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