VIDEOS: My Top 10 Texas Stadium Plays!!

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by theebs, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. theebs

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    So I made a video of my favorite plays at the stadium since I have been attending, which is 2003. So there wont be any staubach, aikman, white or emmitt etc..highlights. Just my 10 favorite plays and a little more that I have seen since I moved here, specifically to be a season ticket holder and enjoy the atmosphere.

    So here they are, the 10 plays that I remember best and remember being very exciting and emotional.

    I will post the youtube embedded versions, but I made this vid in HD and if you go to my youtube page you can watch the 4 videos in HD by clicking WATCH IN HD, which I would prefer you do..... These embedded vids look terrible and since I sat through the render and encode times of an HD project it would be great if you watch it in HD!!!!!!!!

    again, Youtube degrades it so much but this is the easiest way for people to see the check them out in HD.

    Anyway, Here is my Youtube page.

    Here is part 1

    Here is part 2

    part 3

    Part 4

    Thanks for taking the time to watch. I am going to upload the 4 videos in the full HD 720p overnight. I will add the links tomorrow morning if anyone is interested in Downloading them in HD as they were intended.
  2. bbgun

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    Very nice. Here's an early candidate for #11.


    Either Procter has amazing powers of concentration or he's the most oblivious man alive.
  3. triplets92

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    Simply beautiful great post!!
  4. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    thanks man.

    I had a great time at the stadium. It was everything I always thought the place would be.
  5. ologan

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    Nicely done,Theebs...Thanks for the work done on this fun to watch list! My only regret is that you didn't have the opportunity of going to Texas Stadium when it was first opened.
  6. Dayton Cowboy

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    Great work Theebs.

    And bbgun's photos can be nominated for a possible second place on the worst plays list.
  7. Hostile

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    Thanks theebs.

    Barber's run would have been in my top 5. Like your list though.
  8. Rampage

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    thanks for ending our season Theebs
  9. Sitting Bull

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    That was really cool. Man, Felix really looked like he was shot out of a cannon on that KR. He covered that distance between the 15 and 25 faster than anyone I've ever seen. We miss that.
  10. theebs

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    oh stop there is nothing jinx worthy here!!
  11. poke

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    thanks theebs....i will be looking for those links to the HD versions !!

    those were great picks and great work putting them together.
  12. Yeagermeister

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    Excellent job :thumbup:
  13. kmd24

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    We did a turrrible, just turrrible, job blocking that return, but Felix made a guy or two miss. Can't wait to see what else he can do next year.
  14. Vintage

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    That was a helluva run.

    Awesome job, as always, theebs. I love your vids.
  15. Arch Stanton

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    Great job Theebs.

    It still amazes me that Andy Reid thought he could call that onside kick against Bill Parcells.
  16. dcfanatic

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    Just put these up on my blog.

    As usual your work is brilliant!
  17. dcfanatic

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    You know what.

    Think about the most memorable plays for Barber, Romo and Witten.

    For me they are all 'quirky' plays.

    The MBIII run vs the Pats.

    For Romo it's the fumble return against the Rams.

    And for Witten it's watching that mad man running down the field without his helmet against the Eagles, lol.

    I say we go get us some Super Bowl memories with these guys this season!
  18. Hostile

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    I second that vote.
  19. CATCH17

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    Im still shocked NOBODY is showing the Wood Dantzler Kick Return.

    That is one of the best KR's of all time.
  20. dcfanatic

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    This one...


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