Vikings/Browns trade rumor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigdog, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Mods if this has been posted please delete but I did not find it any where on this board.

    According to National Football Authority(never heard of the publication-anybody else?) they are citing some nfl sources that the Vikings are willing to trade their 12th pick to the Browns for 2011 2nd rd pick (36 overall) and the Browns 2012 1st rd pick. This is assuming that the player the Browns covets falls to them with the 6th pick and that either Fairley or Julio Jones has a good chance at being there at 12. The Vikings are hoping that a qb will be there at the 36th pick for better value and next years pick will be in the top ten.

    I know that rumors are every where at this time but I thought I just pass this along. I don't know if SoDog or Hos has any inside info on this. I think for the Vikings to drop back that far they would need more than that.
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    I don't think the Browns could get the player they want at 12, but ... they could take Jones at 6 and get a defensive lineman at 12. If they want Jones, I think they are going to have to get him in the top 10.

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