Vince Young or Brady Quinn

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. SDogo

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    Say Young stays for his Senior year and somehow Dallas ends up with the 1st pick. Would you take Young or Quinn?
  2. SDogo

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    I'd say Young because of his ability to get out of the pocket.
  3. TwoSteppinJJ

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    He is a double threat. Not like vick where vick is always looking to rush first pass second, Vince young has shown poise this season in the pocket and looks for open receivers than takes off and explodes for 20 plus. I love the way he passes, he has a nice quick release on swing passes and other certain passes he can definately mix it up nicely. The only downside to him in my opinion is that he has a tendency to get to much air under his deep throws but that can be adjusted in his nfl career.

    But Not a homer :D...
  4. jksmith269

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    I say Quinn because Young can't stay in the pockett he's to light footed and NO Scrambling QB has won a SB...and don't say Young or Elway because both of them won the SB once they learned to be pockett QB's and both of them even said so.......
  5. Qwickdraw

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    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I'd trade down and take Quinn.
  7. burmafrd

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    Quinn is learning from the guy that taught Tom Brady. Judging from the great improvement in his game this year, and he is coming back for another year, Quinn easy.
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    ROMO is da man!

  9. joseephuss

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    Are saying that Vince can't learn to be a pocket QB?
  10. Derinyar

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    Right now Vince Young as a pocket QB should scare no one.
  11. Cogan

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    By the 2007 draft, Troy Smith, Ohio State will be one of the top rated QBs in college football. As he showed in the Fiesta Bowl & throughout this past season, he is just getting better & better. He has the athletic ability of Young, but with a much better arm. He can hit his man deep or zip the ball to an out pattern, which is the hardest throw to make. Notre Dame took USC to the wall, but was no match for Smith & his incredible talent.

    I predict he will be one of three to go to New York next year for the Heisman, and wouldn't doubt if he took it. I hope not, though. I hope he remains underrated so we have a chance to take him. Dude will be an All-Pro in the NFL.
  12. Tio

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    Notre Dame's Defense is horrible, they have no speed whatsoever, it is like Louisianna Lafayette going against Texas. And why wasn't smith this good all year? He has the best wideout combo in the league, rivaled only by USC. He also had two fumbles against ND.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think your confused here. Smith is no Vince Young. For my money, he's no Brady Quinn either.
  14. Cogan

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    Troy Smith also used his arm & legs to take apart the Iowa Hawkeyes. You know, the team with Chad Greenway & Abdul Hodge on their defense. Smith ran 18 times for 133 yds., (a 7.1 avg.), and was 13 of 19 passing for 191 yds. & 2 TDs. He had no INTs.
    Also, against the Michigan Wolverines, another cream puff defense, Smith passed for 300 yds. & 1 TD, and ran 48 yds. and another TD. Again, no INTs.

    To say Notre Dame's defense has no speed is totally inaccurate. Thier DB, Tom Zbikowski, saved at least 1 TD with his speed, and almost caught up to Santonio Holmes before he got to the goal line. Given another 5 yds., Zbikowski would have used his 4.4 speed to catch up to Holmes & strip the ball Holmes was holding over his head. Plus, if ND's defense is so horrible you compare them to Louisianna Lafayette, then USC's offense must be comparable to Our Lady of the Screaming Sissies, since the ND defense played them toe to toe, with USC needing an incredible toss on 4th and long that allowed them to go down & score in the last seconds of the game.

    By the way, the same horrible defense held Michigan to 10 points, BYU to 21, and Syracuse to 10. Horrible, horrible, horrible.....haha.....:laugh1:
    You see, you have no argument. You really should think about what you say, before saying it. Especially something this wrong.
  15. Cogan

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    You're right about one thing. Smith is no Brady Quinn. Quinn was the one getting his a** kicked. Smith was the one kicking a**.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I know I'm right. What's more, the NFL will agree. IMO, Quinn is the best QB prospect out there. At this point, better then Young IMO, better then Lienart IMO, better then Jacobs. Smith does not even belong in the discussion at this point. He has a great deal of work ahead of him if he's even considered by the NFL as a QB prospect.

    Smith had a nice game against ND but lets be real. ND's defense is nothing to write home about. OU's defense is much, much better. Quinn didn't have a great game but it was far from bad. Don't look at one game, look at the entire season and then get back to me.

    I think Smith has made some nice progress but Quinn has been way more productive by far with much less supporting cast.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Wow, your a homer big time. The game against USC was an offensive shoot out. SC rolled up 476 offensive yards and SC produced 417. Not exactly a defensive struggle there guy. 4th and 10 on the SC 25 yard line with a minute and a half to go, that exceptional defense gave up a 61 yard completion to basically lose the game.

    If you watched the Michigan game, you know that Henne had a horrible game. He was inaccurate the whole day and they still almost won. Really, should have beaten ND but for luck of the Irish.

    BYU is not exactly an offensive juggernaught any longer. BYU was 6-6 this year. I see them a great deal as they play in the MWC. There schedule consisted of BC (L) E. Illinois (W), TCU (L), SDSU (L), UNM (W), CSU (W), ND (L), AFA (W), UNLV (W), Wyoming (W), Utah (L) and Cal (L).

    You seriously want to look at Syracuse? They went 1 and 10 this year. They were 115 in the country in scoring this year. That's like next to last. However, that's better then there total offensive ranking with was 117th ( I think that was last).

    Gave up 322 to Pittsburgh
    Gave up 488 to MSU
    Gave up 449 to a horrible Washington team.
    Gave up 514 to Purdue
    We've covered SC
    Gave up 392 to BYU
    Gave up 292 to Tennessee which is not bad but lets face it, Tennessee in total disaray this year.
    Gave up 314 to Navy.
    Gave up 366 to a a horrible Syracuse team.
    Finally, gave up 617 yards to OSU.

    Yeah, there a regular Steel Curtain reborn.

    I think it's you who should think about what's being said here.
  18. jimmy40

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    Quinn. No doubt.
  19. ghst187

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    Quinn is a next-level guy pure and simple. Yeah, he had a rough go of it in their bowl game but he almost single-handedly made them a contender. They flat out did not have the talent to play with the teams they did but because Quinn rolled up about 400 yards per game, they were able to do well this year.
    Smith had a great game and looked a far superior passer to Young but i'm not sold on either as becoming great NFL QB's, or even quality starters. No way Young runs wild against NFL LBs and DEs.
    Throw in the fact that Quinn is playing under the same tutelage and offense that won 3 SBs and he's having great success with it, I think he's going to be very good in the NFL. Its not like he's immobile either. The kid can move, he's tough, and he throws rockets. IMO, I think Quinn develops like Carson Palmer did in the NFL.
  20. Silverstar

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    I'll vote after they play against each other for national championship next year.


    Keep an eye on Trent Edwards too...very promising.

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