Vince Young... QB or WR, this year or next year...

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Big Country, Oct 1, 2005.

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    The heck with Matt Leinart, I'd give up the farm for Young's ability in the silver and blue. Leinart's ability is already maxxed out, because he has sooo many weapons... Young is flat out THE MAN in the UT offense!

    This guy will probably be a number 1 overal pick either in the 2006 college draft or the 2007 draft... I'm saying 2007 because the UT guys have a propensity for staying and finishing their senior season... eg. DJ, Benson, Simms, Ricky W, Roy W...

    Young is so good, that if he develops into a first class QB with more time working on his passing consistensy... he will easily be number one on EVERY pro team's draft board, if he's not already...

    But, if he comes out as a WR he will be an absolute beast because when he takes off running from the QB spot he can outrun DLmen and LBers effortlessly, as well as swat off DBs on the way.

    The question would be which year will he come out? At a very honest 6'5" and the ability to run like a deer, he has every imagineable prototype for the NFL in the bag already!!

    It would be great to see him wearing the silver and blue... WOW!!! Nevertheless, he is going to be a VERY RICH man in the next couple of years.
  2. Maikeru-sama

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    Stacked both together I would take Leinhart over Young.

    But I have a feeling Young will be a good player in the NFL too. He will probably have to change his throwing motion, but he has some of the things you cannot teach.

    Mark Vick is looking pretty good too. I think the Hokies may be better than Texas.

    - Mike G.
  3. calico

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    Vince will be an NFL QB after his senior year in college.
  4. parchy

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    Vince Young has the worst arm of any quarterback in any major conference in college football. His motion, arm strength, etc... is terrible. He will never, and I mean NEVER, be an NFL quarterback.

    He'll be 2006's or 2007's Matt Jones.
  5. bobtheflob

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    As much as I like UT, I have to agree that Young won't be a good QB in the NFL. His completion percentage is up but it seems like most of his completed passes are short to mid range throws to receivers who are wide open. Defenses have to worry enough about his running ability that they have to sacrifice some coverage to try to contain him. In the NFL defenses are fast enough that he won't have that advantage. He also seems to make too many bad decisions. He tries to pass sometimes to avoid sacks and throws it right to a linebacker.
    Is anyone watching the game right now? The teams are playnig sloppy football, the refs are horrible, and the announcers are just god-awful. At least it's been a little better in the 2nd half
  6. jterrell

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    VY is an NFL QB.

    Sorry but thinking otherwise is horrid scouting.

    Yes he has a 3 quarters push to the ball but his accuracy is very good on it and like Philip Rivers he is effective. While he can run the ball as well as any Qb since Mike Vick he can also beat teams with his play from the pocket. He does occasionally try to do too much but that is because he is so used to succeeding he never gives up on a play. They had a 3rd and 30 and he converted it on a QB draw for chrissakes.

    This kid is the real deal. His winning percentage is absurd.
    He is the most dangerous QB in the NCAA and he doesn't have 1 WR that could get a letter at USC.
  7. Hiero

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    Say what you want about Vick but he wins games, and that's what really matters. I think Young would be a bigtime qb in the NFL.
  8. calico

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    Vince's throwing motion is alright because of his height, his footwork is what he needs to work on. Vince will be an NFL QB, his leadership qualities are too good to waste on a WR. He does not run like a WR and would not translate to one at all.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    How about Young as a WR and McNeal as QB? :D

    Really, put me down as Young as the next Matt Jones. And there's not a darn thing wrong with that. ;)
  10. Avery

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    The potential is there though the mechanics are not quite yet.

    He needs to put it together this season and next and I think he'll be in the running for top overall grade.
  11. Tobal

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    I somewhat agreed with you before this yr for sure, but I was listening to Kiper and salsbury and Kiper said Young if he comes out is number 2 overall behind only Mr USC.

    Salsbury said he didn't like Young, but after watching him this yr he could see what others saw. Then he said he called some NFL teams and all of them said he'll be the number 2 guy taken if he comes out. He said two different NFL personell people said he was a better passer than Mike Vick already.

    I think me being a Texas homer might have been trying to downplay his throwing a little.
  12. jimmy40

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    He may be the worst QB ever but to say his ARM STRENGTH is terrible is an idiotic statement.
  13. jimmy40

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    Why not just sign Michael Bishop?
  14. parchy

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    Ok homer
  15. SA_Gunslinger

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    all i know is....vince young is just SO FUN to watch. he dazzles every week. great win today!!!!!!!

    BRING ON O WHO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Rack Bauer

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    Couldn't possibly be YOU who is the horrid scout, can it?

    Right now Young is an NFL WR. It's not just his throwing motion that needs work, it's his complete throwing MECHANICS.

    That said, his arm strength is fine. He gets plenty of zip on the ball even with his horrible mechanics. Improve his mechanics, improve his arm strength.

    Young COULD BE an NFL QB, but he needs A LOT of work.
  17. parchy

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    Once the guy tries to throw 30+ yards, it's not a wounded duck, it's a dead duck.
  18. joseephuss

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    But that is mechanics, not arm strength. The guy has a very strong arm. The fact that he can even get the ball down the field for 30 yards with his poor mechanics shows just how strong his arm is.

    It is all mechanics with Young. I wouldn't worry so much about his arm motion, which isn't good, as much as his footwork. His footwork is horrible. He is slow to set up in the pocket, his feet are rarely under him, he tends to fall back instead of stepping into throws. I don't know if any of that can be corrected. I am sure it can, but it will take lots of time. Is that what a team would want with a 1st round QB pick? I think he would have an earlier impact if he went to wide receiver.

    Speaking of arm strength. How about the LSU QB? Russell? I was watching the Tennessee game last Monday and LSU threw a hail mary before half time. He didn't even seem to put everything into the throw, but it went 70 yards in the air.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Not at this time, Young has a lot of improvement if he hopes to play QB at the Pro level. I will not say he never can be a pro QB but if that is what he wants to do then he better stay for his senior year because he is not close to being ready for the next level at QB

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