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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hiero, Oct 12, 2005.

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    I know its way too early for any of this, but check out this draft.
    i know a lot of you think Young is not an NFL qb,but i think you are wrong. He would be able to sit the pine 1-2 years like mcnair/culpepper did, and be ready to play when he starts. He is gonna be a freakin beast in the future i know it. He can do it all, he just clearly needs a lot of time to learn the game, and on the pine under Bledsoe and with BP and payton i think he will develop into a franchise qb.

    I know this is gonna get a LOT of hate, but I think if a guy with that kind of talent would fall to us in the mid to late round, we'd have to be insane not to take him. Bledsoe would mentor him into the league, and in 2007 0r 2008 young would start and take us to the super bowl! :bow: keep it clean guys.
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    I would much rather have Marcus Vick from VT.......he is really accurate and can make all the passes......with the same speed running the ball as Young.
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    Vince Young will be better served by pulling a Linert and staying for his senior year.
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    Here is a little of it. :chop: :shoot3: :chainsaw:

    Just kidding/

    i thought that this year would put an end to the running QB idea. Bledsoe is a true pocket passer, like Troy. Neither McFlab, Culpepper, or Vick are worth a dern. I wouldn't take any of them for Bledsoe, Brady, or either Manning. Too many injuries and way to many Ints.

    If you want a QB with some mobility, look to Quinn. Or even better, get Pierce away from the BC Lions. That one will be a star! Check him out, he is mobile and accurate, and the BC fans love him.
  5. Waffle

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    All of those constant "lob passes" of his will be instant interceptions in the NFL.

    I'll pass.
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    Young is a great athlete...

    I see him more along the lines of Matt Jones in the NFL...
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    The running QB? I think everyone wants a guy that can pass and if he can also run, that is just a bonus. Vick is probably the only QB that runs first and passes second.

    Culpepper is a pocket passer. Sure he can run and do it very well, but he is more of a threat throwing out of the pocket. I think his biggest problem is that he doesn't step up his play in big games. In that regard, he is just like Manning.

    McNabb is much less a runner now than when he started. He is considered a passer first and a runner second.
  8. joseephuss

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    McNair and Culpepper were known as passers coming out of college. Steve did earn the nickname Air McNair. Sure they were also very good athletes, but they had good mechanics and could throw the ball pretty well. I think Vince Young is not even close in his passing skills compared to those guys when they came out of college. He may able to develop. I won't say he can't. I just don't see Parcell's using a 1st round pick on him.

    It has been my opinion since the time he was drafted that McNair should have started immediately for the Oilers. I know a lot of people use him as an example of letting a QB develop on the sidelines for a couple of years and look how successful he can be. Sure it worked, but what is to say that he would not have developed faster had he not played a lot more his first two seasons.
  9. Danny White

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    Of course, given the beating he's taken over his career, and how much more he would have taken in those two years, he'd probably be retired in a wheelchair right now if he'd have started then! :eek:

    But your points are very accurate.

    Even so, I don't want Vince Young taking snaps for the Dallas Cowboys.

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    Why would we take two WRs with our first two picks?


    Just kidding. I watched Young against OU and honestly, he didn't impress me to much. Now keep in mind, I'm a huge Texas fan. He has improved from years past but he still has a very long way to go.

    No, if we were drafting next year, I'd rather see us go in a direction that looked more like this.

    Haloti Ngata DT
    Mike Huff FS
    Manny Lawson OLB
    Will Allen OG
    Hank Baskett WR
    Antonio Thomas CB
    Ryan Cook C/OT
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    Hey Buster! I already used that joke in the other thread!

    Get some new material!


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    There's another thread?


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