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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by texastwister, Mar 22, 2006.

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    yeah I did pass

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    I will too. I bet my older brother 40 bucks that Cutler would go first. I already won forty from him by betting that TO would be a Cowboy.
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    Yep... it's obvious the guy can make plays with his feet... I don't think a few tenths of a second on his 40 time will make anyone doubt that.

    But his feet are only a small part of what will ultimately determine his success or failure in the NFL.
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    No he has not thrown yet. Brandt said he hurt himself by not running on the turf at Indy.
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    hurt himself more by not doing QUARTERBACK drills then...too many questions remain about his ability to play in a drop back offense, make quick reads, read the whole field, make all the throws etc etc

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    I'm not that shocked at the time, only because VY doesn't look like he would have a great start to the 40. He isn't going to explode off the line, and that makes a big difference in your time. Once he's up to speed, however, he covers ground very quickly. With that long stride, he'd be a better 100M guy because he could make up for the slow start.

    Any team that drafts a QB based on the 40 has its priorities way out of whack.
  7. Avery

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    I'm not worried about his speed. I saw that for myself against USC.

    Scouts are determining his position by his QB skills and not his 40. That will be the ultimate test of where he goes.
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    Maybe Young's tanking his times so he can drop to number 18 and put the star on his helmet
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    Ed Werder was on the Dan Patrick Show at about 1:30 CST. At that time Young had not thrown yet, but he was going to start throwing the ball shortly. Werder also said that Young was not scheduled to run today and apparantly that ticked off some teams. So he and his managament team decided to have him run. Werder also said that all teams were represented except for the Raiders. I may have heard that last part wrong since I am working right now.

    I didn't realize that Young was working with Jerry Rhome on his passing skills and that Rhome was running the pro day for Vince. That pretty much means that Young is screwed. Rhome sucked as a QB in the NFL and sucked as a QB coach/offensive coordinator in the NFL. The worse hire by Jimmy Johnson. Even worse than Shula.

    Young's 40 time doesn't surprise me, nor do I think it matters. His talent isn't pure speed. It is body control and strength as far as running. The passing portion will say more than anything else.
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    Dbair thought Alan Campos was clearly better than Dexter Coakley, so take his scouting thoughts with a grain of salt.
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    Texas' Pro Day got under way with 31 teams in attendance, including over 150 coaches, general managers and scouts. Among the team personnel in attendance were three key members of the Texans (owner Bob McNair, head coach Gary Kubiak and GM Charley Casserly), Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy and GM Ted Thompson, Dolphins head coach Nick Saban and general manager Randy Mueller, Titans general manager Floyd Reese and offensive coordinator Norm Chow, Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, Ravens quarterbacks coach Rick Neuheisel, and Cowboys new quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher will visit Texas tonight and Tennessee will have a private workout with Vince Young Thursday morning.

    After the workout is over in the bubble, Vince Young will go into the main meeting room with Texas offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Greg Davis for a Chalkboard Session, where team representatives get the chance to ask Young questions about his on-field decision-making in different situations.

    The main event started at 3:15 p.m. ET -- Young throwing. He started off 7 out of 7.
    Player Position Gil's comments
    Vince Young QB Young (6-4 5/8, 22 ran the 40 once in 4.57. He didn't do the vertical or long jumps.
    Will Allen G Allen (6-4 7/8, 306) measured 26½ inches in the vertical jump.
    Brian Carter WR Carter (5-10 5/8, 185) had a 38-inch vertical jump.
    Larry Dibbles DT Dibbles (6-1 3/8, 290) had a 27½-inch vertical jump.
    Cedric Griffin DB Griffin (6-0 3/8, 202) had a 35-inch vertical jump.
    Ahmard Hall RB Hall (5-10¾, 232) was clocked at 4.56 and 4.49 in the 40 and had a 35-inch vertical jump.
    Aaron Harris LB Harris (5-11 3/8, 225) had a 27½-inch vertical jump.
    Michael Huff DB Huff (5-11 7/8, 19 stood on his Combine numbers. Had a 3.96 and 4.05 in the short shuttle, and 6.68 and 6.74 three-cone drill.
    Jonathan Scott OL Scott (6-6, 322) has an arm length of 33 7/8 inches and a hand size of 10 inches.
  13. Rack Bauer

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    Exactly. Don't know why people thought he was faster. He's never looked very fast to me. Just very elusive and powerful, like you said.
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    seems like he plays faster than that, he seems to outrun most defenses
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    does it really matter that a QB runs any faster than that? he's plenty fast (faster then Emmitt), strong and elusive enough. Just hope he's accurate enough for someone to fall in love with him.

    I hope it elevates his stock so someone else drops to us.
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    For what its worth. Sean Salisbury was just on 103.3 and said V. Young just had an outstanding workout(threw the ball amazingly well-all the passes and the ball exploded off his hands most of the time) and he thinks a team would be stupid to not pick him in the top five if they need a qb. Supposedly he was skeptical of V. Young before this workout.
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    I wonder why Rodrigue Wright didn't work out today.

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