Vince Young's Workout

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by yennor24, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Is anyone really suprised? ProDays are set up for the player to look as good as he possibly can. He practices with the same routes with the same recievers for two months prior to the workout. The player designs the workout around his strengths and leaves out any throws that he does not do well at. There is no where near the same amount of pressure that is put upon a player who works out at the combine, where the Coaches tell you what throws you will make and you throw to receivers whom you have probably never even exchanged a word with. Big difference. Why do you think young skipped the combine workouts? He's trying to ride one game. Honestly, have you ever heard of anyone not having a good pro day, other than 40 times? In my opinion, and probably in most organizations eyes, nothing has changed because he had a good pro day. Did anyone expect him to struggle?
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    what a suprise

    and he had "sources" last season that told him Matt Jones was the best player in the draft. lol
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    and he is full of crap. Most every other source out there said Vince looked great...including even other people at ESPN like Sean Salisbury who was basically blown away

    even Gary Kubiak said Vince "put on a show"
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    I saw Vince throw a pass over 70 yards on target in High School

    I've seen him do in it College too

    Mark May recently said he has seen Vince throw a ball close to 80 yards when he really lets lose

    yet some idiots claim he doesnt have a strong arm
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    He couldn't even throw it 70 in the recent skills competition, and threw two of them out of bounds, before finally getting on straight, barely.

    In the mean time, Bordie Croyle threw 74 yards in the air straight down the middle, basically twice.
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    LOL, this stuff is too funny. Fellows On this I have to go with Chris Mortenson. First let me say this, whenever you hear Sean Salisbury make a prediction or give you his version like VY's proday, pick opposite, or believe the opposite, if you do that you will be ahead of Salisbury 90% of the time.

    Anyway, listening to Chip Brown on the radio give his recount of VY's pro day workout, he said that 48 of the 54 passes were 10 yards or shorter,yes 5 balls hit the ground, over throws and drops. His footwork was bad, on all the drops, he still needs to get that worked out. He could not hit the receivers coming out of their breaks, he had to wait till they came out of the breaks, something that he will not be able to do in the NFL. Chip Brown also said that Gil Brandt, Kubiak, Ed Werder and some other scouts said that VY's workout was good, impressive, not great like Salisbury is saying. He also said that the scouts are very concerned about VY's waiter like tray carrying throwing motion.

    Chip Brown is a UT fanatic, he loves Longhorn football, and he is a big advocate of VY.

    His recount of VY is on par with what I have seen from Vince since he arrived at UT.

    But when you have your own personal workout like VY did, you can controll that, you script the things that you want to do, but when you go to do workouts for the teams, you have to do what they want you to do, and that is where VY will be exposed.

    Kyle Boller had a great workout, Alex Smith had a great workout, what are they doing, Boller is horrible, ;and the jury is still out on Alex Smith, Peyton Manning had a horrible personal workout.

    So I do not put any stock in a personal workout, you are comfortable and do what you want and of course you will do the things that you do well. The wonderlic test counts, the NFL is very complex now days, back when Marino took it the NFL was not as complexed.

    You cannot discount the wonderlic test. No one discounts VY's arm strength.
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    Dallas isnt in the market for a QB, and Young isnt going to be on the board when the Cowboys draft.

    Rod Wright, Jonathan Scott, and David Thomas all might be possibilities for Dallas.
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    No, you are the one that has it backwards. From 3-4 games I have seen of Young, his overthrows are pretty much the inaccurate ones and those are usually the long throws. I think thats to do with mostly his machanics most likely.

    I really like Vince Young, unlike many who bash his machanics and think he will fail in NFL. But I do agree, he needs to sit on the bench for probably couple years before he starts though. If he does starts soon, he might be setup to fail in NFL, so I guess in that way, high pick on him is probably bit risky.

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