Vindictive Bully-Type Boss

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BlueStar3398, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I have been at my job for a long time. I have this new manager that is clearly one of those "difficult people" you hear about. She changes the way she wants things done without fully explaining some of the steps in the procedure. Then, when you ask for clarification, she acts as if it is something that you should have known. Today, she e-mailed me saying that I was doing something incorrectly. I e-mailed her back, with documented proof that I was doing something the correct way. She would never back down on her stance or admit that what I showed her was correct. She did this not once but TWICE today! Then, later she e-mailed me again and chose another aspect of my daily work that she says was done incorrectly and it is something that she seems to have pulled out of thin air! It has to do with something that was taught to us by another manager to do a certain way and she has now changed it without telling anyone and says it is done wrong. My other manager was very thorough in explaining and never pulled this kind of thing on employees. AND I have a feeling she did this because I proved her wrong on something earlier in the day! Wow.... :eek: Have you ever had a difficult boss? How did you handle them? I think there is a book on how to deal with difficult bosses. Maybe I need to read it.
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    Found this about different types of difficult bosses. This is her!

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    Sounds like my girlfriends boss, if you figure out how to deal with her, post a report so I can send my girlfriend over to read this thread
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    Accidents happen every day... :(
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    Talk to her using "I" statements, so she feels less threatened and won't escalate the issue (i.e. "You're being ridiculous" and "That doesn't make any sense, you are contradicting yourself" aren't helpful)

    "I thought I was doing XYZ correctly based on [proof]. If you have updated [proof] then can you please send me a revised copy when you get the chance? It would help to prevent making this mistake again"

    "I'm having some difficulty with these instructions. I don't want to make any assumptions regarding XYZ. Could you expand on the reasoning for taking Step A?"
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    What condition is your company in? Is there a possibility of downsizing in the future? You may be being set up. Start documenting everything!
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    I like those ideas. I sent an e-mail to her this morning using "I" statements and asked for clarification on some issues. I took notes on how she wanted some tasks done, because now she is completely contradicting what she said earlier.

    I'm beginning to think that she is stressed and doesn't know what she's doing in some areas. That stress is spilling over to the employees that work under her.

    As far as I know, doing well. I just got a very good raise and I have received bonuses in the past for excellent work.
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    I've been thru this...twice. My personal way of dealing with is that I vowed to never have it happen to me again. And if it does, I will be looking for a new job immediately. IMO, it really isn't worth the aggravation.

    But, in the meantime...document EVERYTHING. Do as much of your communication as possible thru e-mail so you can have correspondance documented.

    VERY important.

    You're going to run into a few things with this type of boss:

    1. She will make attempts to fire you or come close to firing you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you got a pay raise and recent good evaluation that she won't pull a 180 and try to get you fired. Believe me...these type of people become dogged in their belief that you are a crappy worker and they are always right. Furthermore, if they can't fire you...they actually look like it as THEY are doing YOU the favor and giving you a 2nd chance. Never underestimate their level of being delusional.

    2. She is more than likely pulling this crap with fellow co-workers. And when she does, the co-workers are afraid as well and they will immediately pass the blame down until it cannot be passed anymore. So, if you are the low man on the totem pole...that blame will come to you from your fellow co-workers. Another reason to document EVERYTHING.

    I ran into this on my last job in Atlanta. We had a sister company in Ohio that did the IT work for our business in Atlanta. The head of IT in Ohio had a system that malfunctioned and when my boss confronted him on it, he admitted the system was the problem...but he blamed me (a statistician) for the failure. He claimed that I was impossible to communicate with. I had been there for a year and only talked to him once!

    Thankfully, I had that documented. Many people will walk over you for a slice of pizza. Not everybody, but enough to keep that in mind.

    3. The reason why I would look for a new job is that she can reek havoc for your come annual review/pay raise time. Remember, *she* is the one that will either determine your pay raise or have to fight for your pay raise with the higher ups. If she's clearly not on your side...your pay raises are going to suck. So is your chance for promotion. And that's why I would look for a new long as she's your boss you're going to be behind the 8-ball come pay raise time.

    Now, I would probably wait until pay raise time came again and see how she handles it. But, if she screws you're going to keep being screwed over as long as she is your boss.

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    Kiss that bonus goodbye next year.
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    Well the times I have had bosses like that i have a big fight (not physically) then if that does not solve the problem I start ignoring them and tell them ok and do what i was doing anyways (yes I know it can be bad). I have gone above to the next boss before and had good results.
    I have left for another job lay it all out in the exit interview.

    One job we had one like that eventually she got pushed out after half the team put in for a lateral transfer
  11. davidyee

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    ...but I would bail.

    Look hard and methodically for a new position. I know the U.S. is not in the best of times, but start the process of actively looking.

    Follow YR's advice of documentation and communication through e-mail. Do not communicate with this person in their office or encourage her walking into your office. Avoid all he said/she said situations where another isn't present.

    Do your job and do it diligently. When and if you leave make no mention why you are leaving except for a "good opportunity".

    Don't lament. Just look for an opportunity to turn the page to a new future.
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    What does she look like?
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    I had a boss like that once. Fortunately only had to put up with her for 3-4 months before she got herself fired for being incompetent and a tyrant. I was in a difficult position and not able to quit without having to return my moving expenses.
  14. theogt

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    For what reason? This is a growing problem, I think, with the United States (though it's admittedly been a problem for some time). Potentially lose your job because the company isn't doing well? Get ready to SUE! SUE! SUE! Too much sense of entitlement.
  15. Faerluna

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    Documenting for the purpose of showing that you are not the incompetent that your boss is making you out to be. It's not about litigation, it's about preventing job loss in the first place and covering your butt.
  16. theogt

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    Why does it matter if you're not incompetent? You're not entitled to a job even if you are competent.

    PS, I love the idea of documenting "competence".
  17. GloryDaysRBack

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    20 years ago myself and couple of my buddies (Jeff and Patrick) actually had this exact same problem simultaneously! At the time I was working for this horrible human being - I was working from sun up til sun down. I was literally (almost) never late, I worked harder than anyone else in the company. However, I was late ONE time and my boss Mr. Larken let me have it. The one time I was late, I was 2mins late. I was a shoe in for the next BIG promotion, I thought for certain I was getting the gig. Turns out that loser Larken ended up PROMOTING himself, what a crock.

    My buddy Jeff hated his boss, Dr. Julia Farris. She would constantly harass him at work. Often times Dr. Farris would even make unwelcomed sexual advances towards Jeff. But he wasn't having it because he was on the verge of getting married. The screwed up part about it all, was that Jeff was on the sexual offenders list, so he couldn't quit his job!

    Lastly, my other buddy Patrick actually really liked his job. Up until of course the old man croaked randomly. Poor guy, ends up his former bosses coked out son took over the company.

    Times were tough, none of us really could afford to just get up and quit or jobs. One night the 3 of us got together, probably had a few too many beers and decided that our best option was to just kill our bosses. Before we knew it, we had hired a hit man to pull off all 3 operations.

    may sound a bit crazy, but you should consider it
  18. Garland powerplay

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    I have been in this position when a company decided to outsource jobs overseas. They hired these managers to mistreat the employees so they would quit without paying any benefits. All the people who made the company successful were pushed out one way or another in a very toxic environment.
    Friends and I decided to stand up to them and felt good about it. There is no loyalty in corporate world. Sometimes it doesnt matter what you know or how good a job you do. A manager will trash a quality employee if they dont like you for personal or business reasons.
    Ive seen tons of times over the decades where laziness and incompetent workers get rewarded while quality workers are punished.
    People must rely on personal integrity in these circumstance. Managers are employees too and their lives can be made hell. Partner up w/ coworkers if possible and fight back w/ everything you have.
  19. Garland powerplay

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    The best thing to do of course is try to patch things up w/ a new manager who may feel threatened or offended by you. Confront them in a nice way and tell them you support them. IF it doesnt work hold them to the same standards they hold you using policies etc.. because they prolly have an agenda.
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    :laugh2: great movie

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