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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ibis, Nov 16, 2004.

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    Vinny....beat Notre Dame,beat Oklahoma twice...once with AIkman,the other with a little option guy,beat Florida,Beat,FSU...won the Heisman....FIRST guy out of the box in the Pro Draft....Drew....1,2,3,4,5,6,...wins for his W H O L E...collegiate career...3rd round guy in the Pros...Hostile says he has more upside than Vinny....welcome Ibis to the Bizarro world...
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    At this point and time, I have more upside than Vinny.
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    How can you compare the round each guy was taken in? Why would any team draft a QB 1st overall when they know he wants to play baseball?

    As far as upside, yes Henson has more than Vinny. Vinny isn't going to get any better at this point in his career. That isn't a knock on Vinny, it is just reality. He may not even be playing in the NFL next season. Now this will be a knock on Vinny, he never lived up to being a Heisman winner(few do) and the #1 overall pick.

    It is possible that Henson isn't the answer. He may go out there and suck and at this point we don't know what will happen. We do know that Vinny is an average QB and that won't change.

    Florida was not a good team in the mid 80s, FSU was just starting to become an elite program, Oklahoma was on the way down, Notre Dame was just starting their climb back under Holtz. Miami was loaded(much like today) with talent and had a heck of a defense. Steve Walsh could have won with that team. :p
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    ....where to begin...Vinny has been a starter for virtually all of his 18 years in the Pros....he's 6th ALL TIME Yards,6 ALL TIME in completions,8th ALL TIME in touchdowns....the NFL started in the early 20's,,,they started keeping official records in 1932....just how many quarterbacks who have played in the NFL since 32...if they could wave a wand and POOF! guaranteed 18....18 years at the single mostdemanding postition in the game and put up the numbers he has put up.....EARNING THE RESPECT OF HIS PEERS...wouldn't do it....I'd say pretty close to none....average???...yeah right...your college riff is just so much stuff & nonsense,I'm just going to pass...

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