Vinny Sucks!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lord Sun, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Lord Sun

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    Quinny Carterverde has looked great out there, huh? Really connecting with his recievers, isn't he? I can point to a half dozen people on this board who would have wanted his predeceeor's head, Drew or no Drew, if he had performed the way Vinny did these past two outings.

    Last week, it would have been "we won, but Carter left too many points on the board, and he just plain sucks - he can't make a good read, and even when he does, he can't complete the pass."

    So, I guess Vin's throws are still the beautifullest thing in the world to some... especially when some are wearing anything but Cowboys colours.
  2. Jimz31

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    QC ever have two 3 INT games back to back? I thought it was all about the INT. :D
  3. ManicDepressiveMan

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    The whole team and staff sucks. What's your point?
  4. Eddie

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    His point is every ragged on QC last year ... regardless of how poorly the rest of the team played.

    This year, VT's NOT at fault because the rest of the team sucks.

    Catch 22 bro.
  5. ManicDepressiveMan

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    I don't discriminate like that.

    Quincy sucked.

    Vinny sucks.

    Parcells sucks this year.

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