Vintage wire service photos

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by bbgun, Jan 26, 2010.

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    First time I seen Landry smile was after he won his first Super Bowl. Him smiling was a very rare sighting.

    Thanks for posting these BBGun. These pics date back to when I was first starting to watch football. I remember reading about Staubach in a weekly reader in elementary school. :D
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    :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
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    Wow valuable stuff!
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    Can't thank you enough for posting those. Can't believe how young everyone was. Is Eddie LeBaron stil living?...
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    Wow, do those bring back memories, especially Eddie LeBaron. Great stuff.

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    Actually, if you watched his TV show, he was often caught laughing and joking around... he had a pretty fair sense of humor-- off the field...
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    When Men were Men.

    This made my day. Thanks!
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    Outstanding post!

    THUMPER Papa

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    Thanks bbgun, I needed that! :bow: :starspin
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    Wow, that is an absolute gold mine of a find! Many thanks bbgun! :bow:
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    Wow. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow. Believe it or not, that's the first time that I have ever seen the "throwback" uniforms from back in the day. Very cool.
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    I remember watching Roger Staubach kick WVU's butt in 1963 at old Mountaineer Field, .. 50-0 or something like that.

    I was 9 yrs old.

    Used to go to the WVU games with my Dad and Grandpa. That is where I shook hands with Chuck Howley, and that is how I became a Cowboys fan.

    These pictures, from that era, put a lump in my throat. I miss my grandpa. He loved sports. He passed in 1967. He was only 64 I think. Too young.

    Anyway, great pictures, great times, great memories.
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    a last-minute appearance by Mr. Cowboy himself

  15. WV Cowboy

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    What a beast he was!
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    Yet nicest man you could ever meet off the field.
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    great stuff thanks
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    And THEN some!
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    Thanks for posting these bbgun. What a great era in Cowboy history. I would have loved to have been a Cowboy fan back then, I did not become a Cowboy fan until 1972.:(
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    Your correct. That was Gale Sayers he played behind/with.

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