Volunteer Fire Stations and EMS

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    There are a few in my neighborhood and I was wondering how are these funded and how are these operated?

    Like, are they run like regular fire stations with guys working shifts and stuff.
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    Many volunteer stations are staffed by career firefighters and EMT/Paramedics.

    Volunteer stations can be funded in many ways....by city, county, donation, fundraisers, etc. Most are understaffed, and many are occupied by volunteers with marginal experience. Obviously, this is not always the case....as many are also run by experienced, professional volunteers.

    There are also different types of "volunteers". Paid-on call, Paid volunteers, and true volunteers.

    I was on the board of directors for my volunteer station....ours was county funded to a point, as it was a collection of career and volunteer firefighters, but the politics came into play and the volunteers often found ourselves funding our own training, gear, etc. Mostly through donations and local fundraising....it helps to be very active in public fire education, so the community knows you're not just there to play with sirens.

    I realize that this post is a mess....but in my defense, many times volunteer stations are equally confusing. I'm tired too. :p
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    No, what you said make sense. I appreciate the answer.

    I live in a pseudo unincorporated area, so the closest firestations are volunteer. There's also a city run station in the area as well, but I was wondering about those since I saw an ambulance responding to call the other day.
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    I live on a cattle ranch in west central Texas and out our way almost all VFDs are staffed purely by volunteers. Out here, it's mostly wildfires and when anyone calls 911, they all hear it and they all respond. They're funded by regional Councils of Government as well as counties.

    They are all very well motivated and respected by all. It is considered polite to make a contribution whenever they have to come and fight a fire on your place. This year during the big Texas fires, we had a lightning strike in our pasture that started a big fire in 20 MPH winds and five VFDs responded and were here long into the night putting it out. We made contributions to all five groups. We also attend the big annual fundraising dinners for two of them and we are happy to pay high prices for dinner.

    I've heard that some VFDs have mandatory annual fees and won't fight your fire if you haven't already paid but none of those around here are that way.

    Around here, everybody comes to help contain the fire until the fire fighters arrive. I'm not a fireman but I have helped fight a lot of fires around here and our neighbors have helped fight a couple on our place.

    Wildfires are a real danger in a drought and this was one nervous year as we had several fires in our area at a time when our water supply was scant.
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    Im a volunteer firefighter where I live and in my area the smaller towns and municipalities are all volunteer companies. The larger cities have both volunteer and paid professional companies some have both volunteer and paid working together. How it works in my town we have 2 different fire companies (same department/district) and we work jointly together, we are all trained volunteers not professionals. How it works in a nearby city is they pay drivers for the trucks to be on location round the clock and when the pagers and sirens sound all the volunteers respond to there respective firehouses to an awaiting driver(s).As far as funding it comes through same ways as discussed in previous posts mainly through our municipality. Donations and fundraisers are another source of income but when it comes to apparatus, equipment, maintenance, gear we're really talking mega bucks and its all covered through the municipalities budget. However with the times were in budgets being cut for obvious reason our upgrades these days are only because of regulations and laws mandate them! Saying that I'm a firm believer in volunteering and helping out the community in any way possible. Also every state is different so I can only give you my general knowledge of how it works in New Jersey. Generally speaking though as the first responder answered your question it all works on the same concept.

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