Vontaze Burfict: 5.0 40-yard Dash

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jblaze2004, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. jblaze2004

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    slowwwwwwwww 4.9 and second attempt 5.10:lmao2:
  2. JonJon

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    His nickname will now be slow-mo.
  3. TheFinisher

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    This guy was one of the mose overhyped college players I can remember in quite some time. Never been impressed with him at all, his film looks like a late Rounder and now he's testing out like a late Rounder... and that's not even factoring in his bad attitude.
  4. jblaze2004

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    lol and we thought james was slow.

    vontaze is more of a 2 down run only linebacker something like brandon spikes. Didn't brandon spikes run in the 5's?
  5. InmanRoshi

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    He's either going to be a spectacular bust that's out of the league in 2 years or he's going to be this Brandon Spikes type of loud mouthed, 2 down battering ram that's always jawing and giving his defense swagger. He does have phenomenal anticipation on the blitz.
  6. jblaze2004

    jblaze2004 Well-Known Member

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    if he is there in round 4 or 5 i would take him. Depending on how his interviews and the rest of his drills go. We need some SWAG on D. Too many church boys on D.
  7. tm1119

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    Exactly the player I had in mind. Burfict will still be a very useful player if put on the right team with leadership and used in the right situations. You dont have to have good straight line speed if youre staying in the box all the time. Jeremiah Trotter made quite a good living doing it.
  8. RS12

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    Slow a foot and between the ears. Never wanted this guy.
  9. TheCount

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    The problem for him is that now he is exclusively a 3-4 ILB, where is a 4-3 team going to play him?
  10. jnday

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    This guy really lost some money this year . His bad play and bad attitude has caused his stock to nose dive .
  11. DBOY3141

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    I bet he doesn't fall past mid second round.
  12. TheCount

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    I'll take that bet.
  13. Hostile

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    As long as it isn't Dallas, I don't care.
  14. Staxxxx

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    This guy is going to be lucky to get drafted at the rate he's going.

    Over the weekend in Indy, I spoke to a few NFL scouts and assistants about some draft hopefuls. I'm not sure any player here sparked a worse reaction than Vontaze Burfict. Seems the Arizona State linebacker has gone from being plagued by yellow flags to eliciting red ones now.

    "I wouldn't touch him," said one scout. "He does have some talent, but he is so undisciplined on and off the field. The guy is completely out of control. There's no way you could trust him. I can't believe they (ASU coaching staff) didn't cut him loose."

    Burfict, who measured in at 6-feet-3, 248 pounds (about 12 under his playing weight this season, he said), has received a lot of hype over his college career. Much of it stemmed from some of his thunderous hits, but it was his recklessness that also dogged him and the Sun Devils from his first season at ASU to his last. He was selected to some all-American teams as a sophomore in 2010, but didn't even earn All-Pac-12 honors in 2011 before he opted to enter the draft as a junior, when he made just 69 tackles on a team that many thought would win at least 10 games but instead finished just 6-7.

    “I played average,” Burfict explained to reporters in Indy. “I could've played better. That's what hurt me at times. The coaches kind of messed me up. I didn't know if I would start a game or be benched. It hurt me, but I tried to fight through it.”

    NFL personnel folks cringe when they hear a player publicly put some of the blame on his coaches.
  15. jnday

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    I think his response only cements his downfall . This kid is doing everything possible to hurt his draft stock . He needs help .
  16. realtick

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    I hate tootin' my own horn but I have to... I've been telling folks that Burfict ain't nearly the athlete some thought he was.

    He's soft, pudgy, slightly knock-kneed, bad instincts, bad motor, bad attitude....
  17. NeonDeion21

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    Spikes ran a 5.06. The difference between Spikes and Burcift is Spikes was an All-American playing in the SEC. Burcift basically took the year off.
  18. Dash28

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    What is the bet?
  19. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Want to know how a 40 can effect a players status.

    A few of the sames scouts I talked to that said Vontaze would not slip out of round 1 now say he make of taken a 2 round dip. Coupled with the character issues the 40 time is just too much to ignore I guess.

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