Vote for Dallas as best Dynasty of All Time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KD, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Billy Bullocks

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    They looked alright. 30 poins on Oakland isn't that difficult. I was probably a bit early to say they struggled, but I'd be a bit worried if I couldnt run against Oakland. Okland's D looked terrible at times. They had no pass rush. Nothing. NE still looks good. Johnson and Bruschi will be bigger losses than people think though. I really like NE's RG though. Neal I think. He looked execellent blocking Sapp on passing plays, and he made some very key blocks
  2. Derinyar

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    The pats are a good team in a medicore era. They basically let the other teams make the mistakes, and then do just enough to capitalize on them. When I think of a Dynasty I think of a dominant team. One that you fear. Right now I don't think anyone should fear the Pats. IF you play a clean game they are beatable.

    That NE/Oak game last night was a perfect example. Oakland killed itself. 150 or so yards in penalties. Talk about a joke.
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    The fact that Dallas is last in that voting is just plain ludicrous! :puke:
    Even if the Pats were to win again this year, don't even tell me that they'd be able to hang with the 90s Cowboys.

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